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    Apr 2005

    JaicraB's Patched LV2Diag.self, Skip Blu-ray Drive for PS3 Updates

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer JaicraB has released a patched LV2Diag.self file which allows users to skip the Blu-ray drive 'BD FIRMWARE' and 'Blu-ray Disc Player Revoke List' steps while doing PS3 Firmware updates.

    Download: JaicraB's Patched LV2Diag.self for PS3

    To quote, roughly translated: I modified the Lv2diag.self with the sole purpose of being able to put an UPDATE without having to rely on the reader. It is one more step to take advantage of flaws in the PS3 controller BD.

    The change is based on skip two steps in the upgrade process. "BD FIRMWARE" and "Blu-ray Disc Player Revoke list." Whose patches are:

    0x3CF0 offset = 0x419E0044
    offset = 0x48000034 0x3C50

    This allows you to skip the two functions related to the BD-Drive. Avoid the error and let the system continue to update.

    Still not solved the problem without running Hombrews reader. I hope a solution comes soon. Yet the purpose of this is not piracy, but a step to the console without reader scene.

    • Activate Service Mode.
    • Copy the root of the USB Lv2diag.self entered.
    • Copy the root file update PS3UPDAT.PUP desired.
    • Turn on the PS3 with the USB port inserted in 0 (the closest to the reader.)
    • Wait until it turns off.
    • Copy the STEP2 Lv2diag.self (not provided for me).
    • Insert the USB port 0.
    • Turn and go off within seconds.


    Needless to say, but just in case. It is your responsibility. Compatibility is the same as the original Lv2diag.self. Lv2diag is a dangerous tool, to inform it. Psmaniaco Thanks for testing it!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    When downgrading this should prevent from losing 3d functions and should also prevent bricking your Bluray drive.

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    drnishee Guest
    there is no reason for such a tool but for some people it's a blessing so i have to make a request to the hackers of this community if they can solve the problem of waninkoko cfw v1 ps3 brick then that will be a blessing for my friends and lots of more people with such incidence. by the way, a fix is required not for those people but also for future concerns but i think this task is too much for the hackers right now but thanks for this tool jaicraB.

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    TheKeiron Guest
    I'm confused - what are the benefits of stopping the blu ray drive updating? Has the latest update changed something in the blu ray drive or something?

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    ps3haze Guest
    This allows people with bad bluray drives to update any firmware they want. Currently only modified firmware can be flashed to units with bad bluray firmware because there is a check for the bluray.

    The trouble with the Waninkoko brick is that the flash is corrupted. Chances are any rescue of these consoles will need a NAND flasher and won't be a software fix. Granted if Sony can fix them with software we *could* too but it is probably a very tuff nut to crack.

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    Jes03 Guest
    This is great. I have a friend with a broken BD drive... well, its not broken its missing! He can finally update to a CFW.

    Will this let you update to a CFW? I guess I'll have to find out but I believe so in what I've read.

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    This does the following: When you use a update package (whether downgrade or upgrade) it skips the Blu-ray update files. So when you upgrade from 3.41 -> 3.55 you get 3D Blu-ray installed. When you Downgrade the 3D still remains!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I don't know how you got that idea, the first post clearly states it's to allow users that get the error during update due to a faulty blu ray drive to update without error.

    also there's more to enabling stereoscopic 3d movie playback than the blu ray firmware, the firmware on the drive might allow it after downgrading but gameOS won't as none of the options will be there (only in 3.50+). But hey I might be wrong it may allow that but I see nothing in the first post that even suggests that.

    Another useful use to this is if you downgrade a 256MB nand PS3 using it apparently you won't lose your bluray or dvd playback the way we used to when downgrading 256MB nand PS3's.

    I have not tried it myself yet though as I think mixing newer blu ray firmwares with older gameOS versions may cause a few problems but I haven't seen anyone come across any yet

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    BwE Guest
    does this one let you downgrade 3.55 or do i have to use the other one?

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    ramensama Guest
    I do have an old PS3 dead in the water cause of a missing bluray drive, let's see if we can bring it back.

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