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Thread: JaicraB Releases PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit and Source Code

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    BwE Guest
    well i've got an australian fat ps3 with 3.15 if anybody needs me for testing.

    screw up my ps3 and ill track you down and murder you tho.

    cfw here we come

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    rmorteza21 Guest
    the ps3 is bang bang, sony is dang dang

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    proskopina Guest
    thanks for sharing! i think we are close to something!!

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    ahasverus Guest
    Who wants to make a bet with me ?

    When this guys or somebody else finally create something useful for the retail ps3, geohot and followers will say: "yeah we already did that but it was private."

    I bet $25 usd that this will happen.

    If you have something you will show, it's always like that. The only time when you keep private is when you got nothing. Geohot screamed for the whole internet to hear that he hacked the ps3 and them, suddenly, he stopped ? He got shy ?

    Keep your faith in the rest of the scene to not get yourself frustrated.

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    laggmaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by blood911 View Post
    As always I must ask... what does this mean? Does this mean TeamHades has accomplished something new since their last news piece; and is this close to running custom firmware that EgoHot does not want to release?
    this release is just a verry minimal linux bootstrap from the description it sounds like it dumps the flash to a secure location on the ps3 HDD whilst having an amazingly small footprint, but i am not sure as i have not tested it... nothing realy new just a usefull tool for people who are trying the exploit... as for your last question i can see we are getting closer to finding a way to run custom firmware... hopefully sony was stupid enough to leave the codes around for us to find...

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    fritz69 Guest
    I have a cecha01 running 1.93. Its a spare so if you want me to test something on it its no prob at all.

    Hope someone finally figures this out- i'm tired of sony...

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ahasverus View Post
    Who wants to make a bet with me ?

    When this guys or somebody else finally create something useful for the retail ps3, geohot and followers will say: "yeah we already did that but it was private."

    I bet $25 usd that this will happen.
    Ha.. exactly! Though I wouldn't bet against you, I'd be betting the same... it's all about egos and e-fame apparently.

    If I had to take a wild guess, Mathieulh may have convinced GeoHot that his "PUP trick" can only be used once (which is actually obvious, and unfortunately inevitable based on Sony's past record of patching holes) so perhaps this is why GeoHot has been sitting on his "CFW" the last few months... possibly waiting for a more 'useful' update to finally release it for to restore OtherOS.

    That said, it's still sad that GeoHot doesn't seem to care about the PS3 community enough to detail what his CFW plan is... Sony already removed OtherOS, so there really is no legitimate reason not to share how to use it to dump LV2 on a PS3 that still has OtherOS installed. Hopefully JaicraB and crew can sort out a proper LV2 dump so that others can begin examining it.

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    laggmaster Guest
    And that would probably be a good bet also... as mentioned, the trick will probably only work once so they should wait at least until they add full 3d support or something big... you never know there could be a greater plan behind this like people waiting to use the exploit hole to be able to create a better custom firmware with the most features possible.

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    Here is the update from DemonHades on this, roughly translated:
    As I commented recently on the subject of the creation of a bld to extract the ram as clean as possible, without a hint of just what linux needs the logged data bld and processes occurring in the XMB, has raised JaicraB bld files and set up base in the absence of the implementation of the exploit that makes use of those calls to LV1 (peek & poke) to extract the files clean.

    The resulting output:

    Clean Hypervisor

    * Supervisor clean *

    Processed and logged data in RAM during the execution of procedures in the XMB

    NOTE * Only data shall be crushed allocated space for loading and execution of the bld (approx 30/40)

    By this we make it clear it will not be necessary to install a linux distro (Ubuntu, YDL, suse, etc. ..), only the installation of internally bld has everything you need.

    The BLD takes up 30 Kb and has functions to the HDD with ext2 to save the DUMP. The functions are described. Call table incorporates LV1 and ASM functions.

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    sapperlott Guest
    Nice one. When I first read this I thought that they had built a minimal Linux. Looking at the source it turns out that this is custom code built specifically to dump the RAM to a HDD. If they allocate little enough memory it could well be possible to create a clean LV2 dump with this.

    Has anybody tried it yet?

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