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  1. #21
    TUHTA Guest


    Where i can get this newlib if i'm using ps3 toolchain under Windows?

    I set it up successfully so now this problems as you can see in my previous message.

  2. #22
    CodeKiller Guest
    Try to rebuild the entire toolchain (not the precompiled one).. unfortunately the ps2dev.org is down at the moment, so i don't know where to get it from.

  3. #23
    sapperlott Guest
    Look here for IBM SDK source RPMs: http://www.bsc.es/plantillaH.php?cat_id=579

    All the SPU newlib stuff should be upstream so you can also just use the most recent upstream newlib sources:

    GCC: http://gcc.gnu.org/

    Binutils: http://www.gnu.org/software/binutils/

  4. #24
    TUHTA Guest
    So i just +Rep u for that !

    but there are newlibs for Linux, but i need for use it with Window's Pre Compiled PS3 Toolchain+SDK

  5. #25
    ifcaro Guest
    To compile mcload, you need this older toolchain.


  6. #26
    sapperlott Guest
    I thought you were looking for source code to build it yourself? That's exactly what you'll find there. But building a toolchain isn't fun even for experienced programmers - so I wouldn't advise you to try it.

    Frankly, Windows isn't the ideal development platform here. Using Linux will be quite a bit easier. That being said, looking at your error messages you might be good just by putting the newlib sources in the appropriate directory where the build process expects to find them (you can tell by the error messages).

  7. #27
    TUHTA Guest
    BIG BIG thanks to everybody who is helping me! ifcaro i just +Rep you for navigate me ,and say that i have to use an older version!

    So for know ifcaro can u link ur Toolchains to use it with Linux i want just look at it !

    Big thanks again everybody!

    well i have sucsefully compiled MCLOAD but with some troubles ,toolchain that was made in the end of 2008 says bin/sh error so i tried to use both precompiled toolchains like 2010 year made and 2008 year made,so with both its working perfectly ,so one of them(like that was made in 2010) just compiling it 99% and then with other one(that was made in 2008) im just compiling bootldr.elf bootldr.bin and then gzip it to otheros.bld so its working PERFECLTY to me!

  8. #28
    CodeKiller Guest
    Now as ps2dev is up again, i've found that the linux toolchain is available from svn://svn.ps2dev.org/ps3/trunk/ps3toolchain (some additional info http://ps2dev.org/ps3/Tools/Toolchain)

  9. #29
    TUHTA Guest


    with that toolchain I don't understand what is that login script and how to add those commands to it?

  10. #30
    sapperlott Guest
    The login script is called when you log into a new shell. Normally you can use either .bashrc or .profile in your user's home directory. Just edit it with your favorite text editor and add the entries mentioned. This will add the toolchain to your search path so that you can call the toolchain binaries from any directory.

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