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    Senior Member TUHTA's Avatar
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    ok and can i use 120 oHm resistor? I don't have 121ohm resistor im my store and in my home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
    SCL4016 IC DIP ECG4016-HEF4016 ?
    Dunno.. search for the "output enable time" tPZH and tPZL if they are "typical 40ns" you can use this one!
    Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
    ok and can i use 120 oHm resistor? I don't have 121ohm resistor im my store and in my home!
    i didn't try it with 120Ohm.. but i think its ok..

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    OK I have finally found a shop.

    They sell:


    Searched for CD4016BE got CD4016BC. Will there be differences?



    And what about NE555P ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
    yep - this is also ok! 40ns with Vdd = 5V
    Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
    And what about NE555P ?
    any 555 will work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjo View Post
    yep - this is also ok! 40ns with Vdd = 5V

    any 555 will work!
    Thanks. I have ordered CD4016BE and LM555CN 8-DIP 0 ~ +70C Single Timer.

    The parts are 70 Cent, shipping is 5 $

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    Anyone already tired this if it's working 100%? also GeoHot said it should be like <= 40ns.
    geohot: that pulses low for 40ns
    PS: I will try to play with FPGA and timing soon, I got some of my parts today and rest will come tomorrow so going to open my PS3 today and solder that wire, will post some photos...

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    ok i got! So i bought:
    • Button
    • 300pf
    • 10pf
    • NE555
    • HEF4016B
    • 120oHm Resistor!

    1) So now i need help with... How to program NE555 to 40ns? And what i need to use to program it? do i need cable or something to connect it to PC to programm it?
    2) So and i just need to assemble it and connect to ps3? and thats it?
    3) And do i need hold button or just at once?
    4) And where it will dump hypervisor?

    i finally need some help and i will GET DUMP!! Answer please! I'm soldering it now)
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    Thats a good Tut to understand the way of proceeding but I think we should wait for titanmkd to recompile the exploit for latest linux kernels (YDL 6.2), so you or any of the Devs can give the exploit some sense by adding the code to dump the HV.

    When we have the Software side we should try it with the selfmade 40ns board thats floating around here in the forums, think TUHTA want give it a try The parts you need for this are <1€ !!!

    Think when we have this three things done everybody can give it a try and hopefully this means a lot of HV Dumps for the Devs to play with.

    Oh and someone should write an nice guide with the final software/hardware parts we are using. The more End-user (End-user with solder skills and the possibility to open up a PS3 System) friendly we create it the more Dumps we can get!

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    Exclamation Opening your PS3

    ok here is some photos:

    What srewdriver do you need(CR-VT10 1mm):

    All inside screws are "+"

    And what will happen with the sticker if you will remove it:

    Didn't try to warm it up but probably it will not help removing it with out trace.
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    1) The 121 ohm resistor and 300pF capacitor set the pulse time for the 555 chip ( time (40nS) = ln(3) *R (121Ohms) * C (300pF) ). No need to connect to a computer.

    2) Build the circuit in stages, unless you have an oscilloscope you won't be able to test the circuit.

    3) Press the button once for each attempt.

    4) The exploit doesn't dump the hypervisor, you need to ask someone how to do that once you have done the exploit successfully.


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