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Thread: InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK is Released

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    InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK is Released

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer deank has released an InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer for those interested with details below.

    Download: InstallPKG_FUSS (Base) / InstallPKG_FUSS (Full) / SingStar PKG Updates

    The installPKG installer allows PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users who have been unable to delete the SingStar XMB icon to simply install the application in its place.

    To quote: In order to install the installPKG application though, users will need to allow their PS3s to have Internet access in order to download the SingStar package, or alternatively, users will need to download an offline SingStar package and install it in order to use the package-installing application in its place.

    For more information on how to use the application, read the read-me below:

    InstallPKG - SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK

    System/Firmware Requirements:
    • Any custom firmware (CFW) that has been affected by the undeletable SingStar XMB Icon (Rogero 4.30-rev. 2.03 CFW is known to be affected by this).

    Installation Instructions:

    1) Start the PS3
    2) Click the "SingStar" icon and download/install it if your PS3 is connected to the Internet.
    3) Quit "SingStar"
    4) Launch multiMAN
    5) Go to mmOS (multiMAN's point-and-click file manager) and double-click ""
    6) Exit multiMAN
    7) Access the "* Install Package Files" application where the SingStar XMB icon was, and you should now be able to start it up.

    Removing The SingStar XMB Background Music/Image

    If you dislike the SingStar XMB Background Image/Music, then you can delete the PIC1.PNG, PIC0.PNG and the SND0.AT3 files from the "/dev_hdd0/game/NPEA00374" directory using mmOS (multiMAN's point-and-click file manager) in order to disable the background and music when the "* Install Package Files" XMB entry is selected in the XMB.

    From mrdude (via I saw that there was a package replacement for the singstar xmb icon. Anyway I decided to repackage multiMAN to do the same thing so here is the latest version.

    If you have singstar or any other program installed that uses the singstar icon - running this installer will launch that. If you don't have singstar installed this package will swap the icon out and install multiMAN (latest version with showtime). Have fun.

    You can get the installer package here: multiMAN.pkg

    Update: Guys on 4.30CFW with the Singstar Icon can check this:

    Ok, I was fooling around so here it is:

    1) No need to download singstar or install it offline
    2) Install this package
    3) Done

    Download: InstallPKG [SingStar Replacement].pkg (254.08 KB) / InstallPKG Standalone (Mirror) / SingStar PKG Updates

    If you ever feel sad and want singstar back - just press [Triangle] and [Delete] the new [IPF] and XMB will bring SS back. You can also get rid of the standalone installPKG and you'll have a legitimate IPF now (using the ID of Singstar - so no worries there!)

    Have in mind that this will behave almost like the original [* Install Package Files] and will stay on top of the list just under /app_home (thanks to the new PARAM.SFO field ITEM_PRIORITY).

    Finally, from Lightra1n comes a MM Singstar X-mas Edition with details and a video demo below, as follows:

    Download: SINGSTAR_PS3_X-Mas Edition.pkg (120.4 MB)

    Hello, guys!

    I want to share by the my repack of MM Singstar Replacement

    • Edited theme
    • Base of MM 04.76.00
    • Changed a few fonts
    • Replaced the sounds
    • Added new Movian 4.10.36
    • Not asking for an update
    • Added Christmas background sound
    • Added 2 New Year's background video

    Merry Christmas!!!

    [imglink=|InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InstallPKG SingStar XMB Replacement Installer by DeanK is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    matt101 Guest
    thank god... i mean deank... you tha man. does this actually get rid of the desktop icon???..


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    credentialz Guest
    fan controller thru cfw would be far superior feature rather than this...

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    Sejuice Guest
    is this a way to hide MM?

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    seeman Guest
    okk... still looking forward to get the old package manger running...

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    richdotward Guest
    Nice, do think this would be better to use as a startup for mm though. We already have our new install icon.


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    hosamnsync Guest
    Deank , i love you MAN. Thanks deank for the pkg. I'm on Renug 4.30 CFW with multiMAN ver 04.20.00 Full and I wonder if i could remove even the install PKG icon from the XMB without getting back Singstar.

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    puffo83 Guest
    Very nice!

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    djnorbert97 Guest

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    magawa Guest
    Looking forward to this

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