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    may i ask what is in the test.PKG? what to look for?

    i may be wrong but i think you have to use a PC-PS3 proxy to install the .pkg....but i think there might be a option in the debugger menu...but i dont know...yet...
    Last edited by SniprSnake; 05-18-2008 at 12:34 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    in the debug options there is a boot mode option
    system software, debugger mode and relese mode when i try to change the settings it tells me to restart the system when i do the setting is always set on system software

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    Quote Originally Posted by XVISTAMAN2005 View Post
    I also ask the devs to grant me access to all forums and downloads
    I have moved the thread to the PS3 Chat section, Rep'd ya, and changed your user class to full 'Member' status as requested. The resident PS3 Devs are thoroughly examining this now, and we'll post a detailed update shortly.

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    hmm maybe even if debug FW is on retail hardware it does a system root key check and still blocks you from using the debugging options??? i think ill wait till this is tested more before i try it, i would hate to waste my time and mess up the ps3....

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    Yep, I would definitely hold off installing it yet based on what feedback I have obtained thus far... unless you don't mind having a PS3 with non-functioning Debug options that no longer plays Blu-ray movies.

    We will know more shortly as the PS3 Devs are using some $ony tools to further examine it at the moment.

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    the systems i installed the firmware on seem to still work as retail systems (they still play games).. maybe this will point the way for a better conversion of the system. my skill are limited as far as code goes, but maybe this exploit will point the way for cfw.

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    Well, debug systems still play retail games as well, the issue is that as it is, our "converted" system does not play blurays (like a debug), but also does not accept debug pkgs.

    We are currently examining if debug signed code (read unsigned) runs from BDR, network, and other options. Nevertheless - Awesome find!

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    So you PS3News DEVS can confirm that installing the debug FW works? just the debug features wont work and BD movies wont work like debug?

    Well all i can say is if this worked then i have a idea of a new down grader...lol

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    maybe the update file could be modified to work better we could use the exploit to install most any firmware maybe even downgrade versions with this, but if $ony closes this hole we are out of luck without infectus chip which i have now ordered.

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    Yes the FW does work, but its totally neutered, to quote one of our devs, "its like the worst of both worlds" Most retail options are off, so are most debug - we are still testing however!

    Issue with modding the update file is- we cant. It's signed by sony, so even making a tiny change will stop the file from executing.


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