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    Agreed... we basically use the PS3 Dev Forum as our public "think tank" which members can contribute to, share your ideas/expertise, etc so that the resident Devs can view them without a lot of non-Dev posts mixed in.

    Those who can "prove their worth" (as H4rdWear mentioned) there are always welcomed to contact CJPC on EFnet if they wish and get an invite to the IRC PS3 Dev room, or can just use the PS3 Dev Forum here if you have no time/interest for IRC. However, IRC is always best for sharing files and documents that can't be posted on a Web site for legal reasons.

    Most of the stuff happens on IRC, as that is simply where the PS3 Devs have been mingling since last year. However, it would be great if some of it migrated to the PS3 Dev Forum as well... but in order for that to happen, some new guys would need to get involved as the old timers are already using IRC and would have no reason to start using the PS3 Dev section more frequently unless others (not in the IRC PS3 Dev room) were collaborating there.

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    hey has anyone tried updating from the partial debug firmware to the next higher debug firmware? does the installation go smoothly or do u have to do the HD swap again?

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    This question was answered in this thread. The idea is great but it won't work

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