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Thread: Install Debug Firmware on a Retail PS3 system

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    talruum Guest
    1 - Anybody tried -> swap -> 1.60debug -> swap -> 1.80debug -> swap 2.15debug?

    2 - Anybody tried -> swap -> 1.60debug -> normal update -> 1.80debug -> normal update to 2.15debug?

    3 - Anybody with Infectus tried: 1.80 retail dump then -> downgrade below 1.80 then -> swap 1.80 debug then dump it and compare with 1.80 retail dump?

    4 - Anybody with test machine tried to update something (normal method with .pup files)? which versions you have running out? These debug fw's really work?

    5 - Anybody with test machine and Infectus?

    6 - If test machine + infectus, tried to swap off to a retail firmware?

    7 - Just speculation, but, if each ps3 sign they firmwares to only work where they belongs (same ps3), so the keys to sign (private keys) are stored somewhere in the ps3?!?

    8 - A question to devs: how is sony files signed? openssl? 512bit? John the ripper on a clustered MPI environment could do the job?

    9 - Anybody is working on a compilation or a wiki (maybe private wiki) to organize all information you have about ps3? this could help everyone think the same way/have the same info's. Remember, two minds thinks better than a single mind, ever. Colaboration is the key to success.

    10 - To mates: I'm getting my hands on a Infectus later this week. I would appreciate some ideas. Current I got a 60GB (first model) with 2.10 fw.

    Hope this is not big enough to read and you guys can clarify my mind with these answers.

    Cheers! Talrurum.

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    young blade Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NDT View Post
    Hi, i'm really interested in what you wrote, can you confirm it?
    How you understood it?
    because it was said that sony already patched it out..

    but seems to be newer software for the infectus chip to over stand the patch but they wont release it until it can really be put to use because sony would patch it again...

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    lolle Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    Using the "HDD Swap" method in the first post, any Debug Firmware will... as long as you are updating to a higher version meaning to use 1.60 Debug you'd need a lower Retail PS3 than 1.60.

    Personally, since the Debug Options don't function I wouldn't update a Retail PS3 with Debug 1.60 though, because then to get it back to Retail you will have to go even higher.
    I think for fully working Debug Firmware we have to start at 1.02 and then Update to the newest Debug Firmware... I think, that in the lowest firmware are files, which are needed that the Firmware is proper working. I think the Updates just add or modify some files.

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    Apr 2005


    Added 2.20 Debug Firmware for collectors:

    Also, XVISTAMAN2005 are you familiar with using IRC? A few of the resident PS3 Devs would like to speak with you if possible... if you need help with connecting, etc just reply and myself or CJPC will assist you.

    In short, if you grab the client from and install it, then connect to an EFnet server and join #ps3news you will be able to reach them.

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    yes, i know a little bit about irc.. i will download the client and see if i can get connected.

    i think i am in mirc now on efnet server in channel #ps3news

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    fmbaig21 Guest
    WHOO HOO guys i think you almost cracked the ps3. With the news of the full flash list... now to just figure out how to get those missing files out of it and mix it into the retail flash files... and then load it on to the ps3 using this swap method!!

    i know im gettin ahead of myself but this is awesome news.

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    evilkwan Guest
    has anyone tried, do the swap trick, have the hybrid, use the downgrade trick with infectus to downgrade the debug firmware down to lower one...just like downgrading the retail firmware but with debug firmware on hybrid debug consoles...

    retail --> hybrid --> downgrade trick using infectus chip with lower bebug firmware... ?

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    oliveira Guest
    Hello ! This will be my first post here. I read through the whole thread and found it very interesting, but it made me think about a few things:

    1- Since the PS3 has a system structure pretty similar to the PSP, it possibly has a structure similar to what in the PSP is called "ID Storage"... Devs here refer to this structure as "Keyvault", right ?

    What if this said "Keyvault" or "IDStorage" has a kind of version information which tells the HV (HyperVisor) what features it has to allow or deny ? I am aware that retail units (and possibly dev units too) have their bluetooth dongle, wifi board and bluray drives bound to their motherboard. Swap them around and they will not work on another PS3 system. I believe that a mark that set a system into DEV unit will be buried deep inside the "Keyvault" or "IDStorage" section of the flash, far from reach.

    2- By what I understood, this swap method causes the PS3 to load the executable binaries from one UPDATE.PUP file (retail) and as the user swap the hard disk, the data section from UPDATE.PUP on the other hard disk will be read and written to the PS3.

    This could cause several files from the DEV PUP file to be not installed as it will be still using the executable program from the retail PUP to flash the DEV pup data section on the PS3 flash.

    I still believe it doesn't work because the DEV unit has a flag set on it's "Keyvault"

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    cenoxdj Guest
    Hmm... seems something is going anyway... Need to wait that CJPC found the way to mod the timestamp... If i understood that right...

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest

    Update to debug/hybrid 2.15 to 2.20

    I have managed to get the system updated from 2.15 dbfw to 2.20. I however will not release the method yet becuase i got interrupted durring the prosess and are unsure of the last step and i dont want anyone bricking their ps3 trying it.. but i am trying to duplicate the prossess again as the fw seems to still see the 2.20 pup as a system update.

    On the second time installing i get no status bar only a blue screen which i think is probably installling the fw (hdd accsess light acctivity and reboot seems to be the same as when i first updated but cant be sure) for now only those with infectus backup should try.

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