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    Banned User Luckluka's Avatar
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    IdentifyMyGame v1.0 PC Application for PS3 Game Title IDs

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    Recently we learned how to use PS3 game Title IDs to Download PS3 Game Update Packages on Your PC, and today I have made a simple PC application called IdentifyMyGame which will give you information about the PS3 game by inputting the Title ID of it.

    Download: IdentifyMyGame v1.0 / IdentifyMyGame v1.0a / IdentifyMyGame v1.0b / IdentifyMyGame v1.0c / IdentifyMyGame v1.0d

    This is still the first version. I can guarantee an update by tomorrow which will add more features!

    Below is the IdentifyMyGame changelog. Enjoy!


    1.0: First Public Release. SFO Support, EBOOT.BIN in future.

    In related news, d0zs released PS3 Title Finder followed by PS3 Title Finder Custom Titles and PS3 Title Finder Updater which allow you to search either by game ID or title and it'll add the best result to the list and search for application updates.

    IdentifyMyGame v1.0 PC Application for PS3 Game Title IDs

    IdentifyMyGame v1.0 PC Application for PS3 Game Title IDs

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    I have now moved your post to the Site News- Thanks for sharing it Luckluka and +Rep!

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    Brilliant app indeed..

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    Great program, thanks to the dev!

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    I search for the Name and the Bles, but nothing comes after it. Just "Pres ... to exit."

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    Thumbs Up

    Very nice program, brilliant app...

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    great app for newbies who don't know where to look, so props for that!

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    The List is incomplete, I will update it in an hour or so. More game support and better code

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    hey Luckluka still working on nXMB?

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    How about mentioning that this actually is a small .bat file which searches a .txt file for entries with "findstr", which is only available from Windows XP and above.

    There is nothing "application"-like in here and the "upcoming-features" will be extremely limited if it stays like this.


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