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    tiedosto80 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vanvir View Post
    I have PS3 80 GB from 2008 or 2009.
    Can you tell us your PS3 model number?
    Quote Originally Posted by vanvir View Post
    I just connected HDD via USB device that allows you to do that to my pc just to see what would have happened.
    What operating system you have in your PC? Did you format that HDD or what you doing for that?
    Quote Originally Posted by vanvir View Post
    Couldn't open it so I have connected it back to PS3 and it went "you need to format HDD". I had 2.72 at the beginning and I did and update I think it was 2.80 and after format I had 2.72 back.
    I'm not sure maybe Sony has be founded that "bug" before us and it was "fixed" in later firmwares.

    Is here anyone with 2.80 (or earlier) firmware who can test that method?

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    tiamate Guest
    Hi everybody.

    I have a theory, but i canīt confirm, i need someone to try this for me.

    I had a ps3 with 3.41 firmware, and a 120gb hd, which was unblocked with amazebreak dongle. I had a 320gb external drive, fat32 formatted, with a few games. So i decided to upgrade the internal hd drive with the 320gb drive.

    After installing the new drive in the console, after the reboot, the console goes into some king of debug mode (goggling it seems to be called a service mode). After plugging the control, i couldnīt do nothing, as it was asking for an update.

    Then i plugged on pendrive i had with the 3.41 firmware, and it uploaded the firmware again. I known it have updated the firmware, because itīs the same procedure i used to go from 3.15 to 3.41 some days ago.

    My question is?

    If i were in the 3.50 version, will the console accept the 3.41 version in this situation? (because the were a new formatted HD installed?

    The internet were disabled all the time. What do you think guys? Does it make sense?

    Best regards.

    From Brazil!

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    Ps3KillzXbox Guest
    i believe the Firmware gets saved on the actual ps3 system and not on the hard drive so it doesn't matter if you format the hard drive.

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    FMAranda Guest
    No, the firmware is installed on hdd, try to remove yours and boot it up, you will see that the PS3 will not work.

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    tiamate Guest
    I do believe that the system holds the firmware too. The possibles exploit is that after a drive format, it asks for the firmware files update again. The question is if it is possible to give him a prior firmware at this point.

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    evilsperm Guest
    This has been answered before no less then 100 times, it will not work!

    He is asking if he can downgrade the firmware through service mode, problem being is that the second you start the firmware process it saves to the nand and the hdd. So when you upgrade to say 3.50 your fuct simple as that. It will put a lock on the nand telling it to only allow 3.50 so even trying to put in 3.41 or lower wont work.

    Until a solution is found for downgrading through the jailbreak some how do not ugrade past 3.41! And to clarify about the switching hdd's and having to reinstall the firmware, this is because the firmware is stored on the hdd but the flags are still set in the nand, so no nand exploit = no downgrade. I wouldnt hold my breath either on a downgrade solution any time soon or even for a exploit for firmware over 3.41 to jailbreak. Maybe in the next 10 years if were all that lucky

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