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Thread: I need a few testers for xoeo's hybrid 3.15

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    evilsperm Guest

    Lightbulb I need a few testers for xoeo's hybrid 3.15

    Ok so I have finely got xeoe's hybrid payload to not black screen for people, but I need you guys on 3.15 to test it out.
    ***3.15 ONLY!***

    I will need to know the following:

    1: Does your system show up as 3.50
    2: Can you access PSN
    3: Are backups working - if error post game and error code

    I don't need to know anything more then this, so don't post requests because I will ignore every one of them and have the mods remove your posts. I only want to know what is outlined above and nothing more. So PLEASE keep this thread to only useful info.

    Here are all the hex's for all boards:

    Here is the .bin for your rockbox/android users:


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    Loo9080 Guest

    1st gen ps3. (fat 60 gig) 3.15. minimus v1

    1. Yes
    2. ISP down at the moment
    3. Blazblue does not work. Error 80010009
    God of War 3 works. No error
    Grand Theft Auto IV works. No error
    Gran Turismo Pro does not work. Error 80010009
    Uncharted 2 works. No error

    *No blank screen during startup or elsewhere. Runs smooth, no freezes.*
    1st gen ps3. (fat 60 gig) 3.15. minimus v1

    Evil, as always, your hard work is much appreciated. Thanks.

    Updated gaia to 1.03.1, now for every game that didn't work, it says "eboot not found, try to fix permissions?" So the issue was on my end

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    evilsperm Guest
    Ok we have 3.41 support now I won't release it untill I test it further.

    Funny thing is we had it ported 20 mins after release the other day but over looked the compiler xoeo was using... he uses the sony sdk as were I do not. iLLNESS thinks those errors are due to game udates, I have tested black ops and it works perfectly.

    I will post this all in the site news later with details on everything

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    mick711 Guest
    I m on 3.15 but can't help you because i use iLLNESS compile for my PIC18F2455 and i don't know if there are a compatible hex on your files

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    tpryor00 Guest
    i tested your teensy 1.0 hex with all my backup managers and i couldn't run any game with errror 80010009. in multiman for 3.15 there wasn't even a mountpoint at app_home. maybe the backup managers need recoding? i also tried the fixpermission with no better result. the spoofing runs fine but i didn't make the agreement.

    edit: the only game that runs is naughty bear for which i installed game patch because it is fw 3.30 and i'm on 3.15.

    also the direct launch ability has gone...

    i think i found the culprit: only 3 of my games run so far with your updated hex. these are the only games that i updated with a gamepatch. it is viking, sacred2 and naughty bear where viking and sacred2 are done before jailbreak.

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    evilsperm Guest
    it uses syscall 36 not 35 so you would have to edit your options in multiman.

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    tjay17 Guest
    I can't wait till you get one out for 3.41 also since it says 3.50 when on does it allow 3.50 games to work properly?

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    evilsperm Guest
    currently getting a 800xxx error with some games, we will look into it later as we need a break right now.

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    tpryor00 Guest
    ahh, ok. wondered why the other bums could mount the games.

    edit: maybe only specific updates are now accepted? i installed all available patches for these 3 games and no other patch for the rest of my games...

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