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Thread: I Am Alive 9999 retries 9999 ammo for PS3

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    windrider42 Guest

    I Am Alive 9999 retries 9999 ammo for PS3

    I Am Alive 9999 retries 9999 ammo

    I Am Alive at start of game on hard mode

    9999 retries
    shotgun with 9999 ammo
    99 food can
    99 painkillers
    99 first aid kit
    99 inhaler
    99 adrenaline syringe
    99 cigrattes
    99 rat meat
    99 fruitcocktail
    99 oral rehydration salts
    99 soda can
    99 tomato
    99 meat
    99 bottle of wine

    I am trying to get this too work on my PS3. When I load the game it says the save file belongs to someone else. So if someone else can resign this , that would be awesome.

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    elser1 Guest
    mate the game is easy you won't need it.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Lol I know I don't need it. Second time around.

    I finally messed around long enough with Bruteforce I got it too work lol.

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    JeoWay Guest
    I have a ps3 save resigner guide in the tutorials section if you need it for anything

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    caviers Guest

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    SHAKCEYA Guest
    thanks it works

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    jolz86 Guest
    use a resigner program to make it work

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