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    geohot Guest

    Lightbulb hypervisor decryption keys

    Does anyone have the keys to decrypt lvl1ldr? Or know how to extract it in pt from debug firmware?

  2. #2
    CJPC Guest
    Not yet - if we did, the decrypt keys + algo would be widely known.

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    geohot Guest
    Has anyone tried dumping ram right after control is handed to unsigned user bootloader? Something needs to jump into it.

    Also, is there an irc channel where the PS3 hackers hang out?

  4. #4
    CJPC Guest
    Much easier said than done, the PS3 does not allow us to dump the entire system memory on a whim alas, so it is not that easy. In simple words- no, nobody has, since it has yet to be done.

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