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    asnman Guest
    For those of you having issues with the original and the OP method did not work, try booting another retail disc game if you posses one. For some reason Metal Gear Screws up with some bug that I don't know the specifics.

    But when I had this issue where my retail metal gear disc would no boot without jailbreak, I loaded FFXIII then after that restarted and stuck mgs4 back in and it booted ok. I havent bothered to install it to the HD to see if I can play from there so if someone else is having that issue try that and let me know if it works.

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    Frank101 Guest
    Hi all, just a quick question, are you supposed to do all those steps before even starting the game, or once you've reached the end of act3? I've justed bought a copy of MGS4 and am about to start playing.

    Thanks in advance


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    OGroteKoning Guest
    You can play until you get there.

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    Frank101 Guest
    Ok, thanks for the reply.

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    Sikander Guest
    can someone post the savegame to act 4 please!

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    szugabo Guest

    I have same problem at that part and your solution is not working:s I am looking for an EU savegame in Solid Normal mode right after that PS1 emulation part so i can continue playing. I was trying to find on the interned but no success. Maybe you can help me out. Thx!

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    pafas Guest
    Can you post the savegame? Thanks in advance!!

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    02144816151 Guest
    guys, mine is slim v3.41 and i use gaia manager. i tried your way with my winning eleven original, but it doesn't work. maybe i'm missing the running in patch mode, what should i do?

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    SOLIDSNAKE0425 Guest
    i was able to play it (MGS4) without any errors before i updated my multiman from an old version to 2.09 ver. i'm now running a true blue dongle ver.2.4 for me to play the NBA 2K12.. and that's when is started getting this problem when i play the MGS4 again. i tried installing the open manager but it wont show my games backed-up in my HDD. what should i do? tnx a lot

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    cfwprophet Guest
    This is casue your games are placed into a folder within the Manager folder. So you have to move your games from the GAMEZ folder of MM to the one of OM. After that they should be dislpayed in OM but not in MM anymore.

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