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    robohq Guest
    Any luck with anyone getting into multiplayer yet?

  2. #12
    pyong Guest


    Bots work fine here.

  3. #13
    MexN00B Guest
    Still getting the network error, but if someone can remove the NPDRM lock from the retail patch that might help see if multiplayer works with retail.

  4. #14
    robohq Guest
    NPDRM patch is in the param.sfo?

  5. #15
    MexN00B Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Notice that the NP-DRM Info entry row 2 and 3 of the hex data is different. I'm going to see if a simple hex edit on the retail self will work.

    One other thing.. the base file info (for the ELF?) is almost the same, same filesize, same digest, could it be that it doesn't matter if you use the debug patch or retail, meaning that if we still run the retail patch we would still get the network error..

  6. #16
    robohq Guest
    Great find, I tried editing the sfo with a different communication id number, i even replaced the entire sfo with one from a modern warefare 2 demo, and still no luck it either didn't work at all or came up with the same problem.

    Funny thing that you mentioned the retail patch, I Just applied it to see if I would get anywhere but it won't even boot unless I have the debug patched up, any luck in modifying the hex on the retail patch?

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