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    Big Grin How to Play PS2 Games on a Non Backwards Compatible PS3!

    Okay I came across this while downgrading to several PlayStation 3 firmwares, here is how to play PS2 Games on a non backwards compatible PS3 in six simple steps!

    Step 1. Enter Service Mode.
    Step 2. Downgrade your PS3 System to System Software Version 2.50 (this is the one that supports more PS2 gaming).
    Step 3. After downgrading don't get out of service mode.
    Step 4. Uncheck Game-auto start in System Settings.
    Step 5. Insert your PS2 disk cd/dvd on PS3.
    Step 6. Load it and do not press the PS Button while playing otherwise it will crash.

    Tested on a CECHP01 Console. The one game that would play exactly like in a PS2 was Twisted Metal Black.

    Note: DO NOT TRY THIS ON A PS3 SLIM IT BRICKS! (But can be recovered while in service mode) This can only be done on a PS3 System bought 11/20/2008 80 GB PS3 12/31/2008 160 GB Uncharted Bundle (With Pain Voucher)

    Cheers and happy playing.

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    jkarys Guest
    what does this mean?

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    it just enables ps2 gaming on a non-backward compatible ps3.

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    jkarys Guest
    ok thank you, i have ps3 slim.. you think i can try?

    sorry for my english.

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    no because the lowest slim ps3 system software version was 2.85

    you can play ps2 games up to 2.53 but i said 2.50 because it crashes less.

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    jkarys Guest
    if it's true - this is big thing - but not for me - some people will be happy

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    i hope so, i have a lot more secrets of the ps3 that i can't post or i will get skinned by sony.

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    jkarys Guest
    if you have somthing.. i am newsman from poland hack site - i will be greatful - there is no limits

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    If this is true this is huge... even on my non-BC ps3 I found a ps2emu folder.. maybe that has something to do with it...
    hope we get something to utilize it soon, if it is true.

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    Sorry Poland guy i can't leak more right now.

    To the other guy the ps2emu folder in dev_flash contains the bios of a ps2 compiled in a self. It updates it whenever a new ps3 update is available.

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