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Thread: How to Play PS2 Games on a Non Backwards Compatible PS3!

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Nice, can the ps2emu self be used on newer firmwares i wonder. Only thing needed to make this big news is if backup ps2 games can be booted using this method in conjunction with debug FW files.

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    Well i don't have a debug unit right now but i didn't think of using it like that, when i get one again i will test that.

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    aloufika Guest
    would love to see a video post congrats on your work

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    If people would report back here that it was succesful on their ps3 it would be great.

    DO NOT TRY THIS ON A PS3 SLIM IT BRICKS! (But can be recovered while in service mode)

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    rebel101150 Guest
    Let me stop you now. Being a dev here I will tell you everything wrong your doing here. This is not a magic ps2 method, if any game works it's because it was from when a fraction of ps2 games came on a CD. There is an easy way to tell the difference.

    That's a list of games that should work, I have known this for a long time. My ps2 does not have a dvd laser and can play any of these games. Please take the time to see the connection people. Thank you.

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    Apr 2005
    I moved this from submitted news to the PS3 Hacks section for discussion now. Once a few others can confirm it I will promote it to the main page... and +Rep to MODERNTHIS for sharing as well.

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    rebel101150 Guest
    Excuse me guys but look at the list... twisted metal black is on it. Have I made my point yet? Same reason we can play ps1 games as well.

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    Ok thanks ps3 news for the rep and the other guy whom was correcting me i didn't know that some ps2 cd games got stored like that Sorry.

    Okay i'm making a video i only have a crappy 2 mega pixel phone camera.

    Well games i tested and could play

    Twisted metal Black (Fully ps2-like)
    Medal of honor frontline and rising sun and european assault (Lags like a granny)
    Gta san andreas (Lags a little)
    Madden 2005 (PS2-Like)
    Pac-man-world 2 (can't load it beacause the disc is too scratched)

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    rebel101150 Guest
    Alright but we'll need absolute full proof. This is too easy to fake. I could boot up linux on mine and make it run those games like crap under an emulator or just boot my other ps2 and make it seem that way. Show us its serial number, connections, and everything else to prove your method. The ps3 is capable of software emulation, it's even sony patented, but yeah as far as we know you have an old school BC one and looking for a little rep. I've seen enough fakes in the psp era to need legit proof.

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    Things like this we usually let the community decide rebel101150... for example, while it may not be new to you if he makes a video to go with the guide and enough others didn't know about it or can confirm it then I'll stick it on the main page so that everyone can be aware of it.

    On the other hand, if it fizzles out (people can't get it working, little interest, etc) then the thread will just remain here and eventually get buried a few days later so no loss either way.

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