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Thread: How to Play PS2 Games on a Non Backwards Compatible PS3!

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    so what is next?

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    rebel101150 Guest
    haha feel free to add me on psn man.. darthderp19.

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    atlask2 Guest
    it's easy to understand why $ony dont want to release a ps2 emulator on ps3. They didnt kill this awesome ps2, they have sale 2.1 million unit in 2010.

    why offer something when you could buy it ? don't forget they lost money with the 60go model ,so they use this old hardware to make money !

    i think the ps3 read ps2 game on cdrom like a ps1 game. with a dvd, they need (maybe) to a swap partition and to allocate vflash only for the ps2 emu.

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    rebel101150 Guest
    I'm going to test that now.Running the emu with 256mb of ram is rather difficult. So running a swap partition wouldnt be hard through linux once we get the full access you guys have a dedicated dev here for ps2 support. It's all a work in progress with my openSUSE build i'm putting together for it.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah a swap partition doesn't really work like that, a swap partition is more like the linux version of the paging file. Before with otherOS when the hv was locking out the GPU we used the VRAM as swap space (giving 256MB RAM and 256MB fast swap space) which worked quite well but 256MB of RAM isn't the sort of hinderance everyone thinks.

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    rebel101150 Guest
    Lol I do know how it works. But yellow dog linux was ridiculously slow. Right now i'm playing with qemu and windows on it. Windows can see the video card surprisingly.

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    aloufika Guest
    has anybody any success in running the ps2 games on there machine?

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    Well it seems that no one has been succesful in doing it. Some guy asked a few pages back that why we had to downgrade

    If you try to play a PS2 Game CD\DVD It will display a message saying that there is no compatibility for that title and that you must update some more. Also i think this is only possible on consoles that can downgrade as far back as 2.50

    If the boss could edit the guide just write this: Note: This can only be done on a PS3 System bought 11/20/2008 80 GB PS3 12/31/2008 160 GB Uncharted Bundle (With Pain Voucher)

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    Apr 2005
    I have added that to the first post's Note as requested MODERNTHIS.

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    joffe Guest

    Confirmed on CECHK04

    Quote Originally Posted by MODERNTHIS View Post
    Well it seems that no one has been succesful in doing it.
    Naaah, couldn't test earlier. It indeed works also on CECHK04 with FW2.50 and FW2.60 in service mode, FW2.70 complains about 'non bc-compatible titles'


    Knight Rider (CD-ROM/PAL) works laggy, about 60% original speed.
    Oni (CD-ROM/PAL) works maybe a bit laggy
    ProRally 2002 (CD-ROM/PAL) works OK, some [accept/cancel] icons for name and country selection seem to be off-screen

    CD-ROM games (blue CD icon) seem to work, DVD-ROM games (golden CD icon) crash after loading and some seeking, hard-off is needed to reboot.

    CD-ROM games exit fine to XMB after pressing PS for >3s.

    Tests were done on composite video out.

    Obviously $ony planned full-SW emulation to get rid of EE but skipped it between 2.60 and 2.70

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