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    rebel101150 Guest
    What did you do to enable it under Xreg? i'm terrible with these programs unfortunately. Better as a c dev lol. You can pm me if you want.

    Btw playing killzone 3 as we speak, it's pretty good.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Guys I think MODERNTHIS is telling us truth. Do you remember that old video on youtube? 40GB ps3 also in service mode launching PS2 game. Video is spannish. It's recorded at start of 2009 when even almost nobody knew what is service mode for and how to get in, so most ppl thought video is fake.

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    rebel101150 Guest
    If we could perfect this in theory we could run games through a backup manager like this.

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    so is this going to the main page? Oh And Thanks Mad Lion for attaching that video.

    well on that video the tv blinks same as on my videos. rebel: download the program xregistry editor click on the exe file.

    a window will pop up with nothing, then go to the new tab click on open then browse for your backuped xregistry.. then the value you want from 0000000 to 00000001.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    $0NY filled a patent for full ps2 emulation with a cell processor a few years back and no one has heard any thing new about it for a long time now. I am not sure if it was for PS3 though, I think full emulation of both RSX and Emotion Engine is for CELL2, the successor to the PS3 CELL Broadband engine. Most ps2 games that would load will not run at playable frame rates when attempting to do full emulation via CELL.

    That is just one of many reasons why $0NY scrapped it.Cost effectiveness to implement/program. Another is fear of ps2 piracy. It is not possible to emulate every game without the BC chip and extra 2 memory chips that were included in early phat models. support would be horribly crude without them and even then only a small hand full would work initially. So what I am trying to say is don't expect to see MGS3: Snake Eater running on non BC consoles.

    Its true that 2.50 firmware is the current best at supporting more PS2 titles on BC consoles.Most 3rd party PS2 discs still working were slowly revoked from play in future software versions. The 3.xx firmware is geared mainly at PS3 game software and has even castrated some functions of XMB. Remember the slim 2.80?, thats when new non BC consoles came out with more DRM, less features, and an ugly cold boot.

    I would keep expectations simple and just expect a few crappy looking, less impressive games to run, and even then most wont be full speed. Thanks to the return of the penguin on PS3, we can start to hope for some to be playable. The home brew Devs will tell us in time if its even worth it at all.

    PS: Long live Linux on PS3! Viva la Penguin!

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    okay making a preview of tomorrow's proof gta: san andreas! on the ps3 with dual video output! but i can't get past the loading screen my disc is too scratched filming video.

    videos uploaded, awaiting further messages...

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    bawk Guest
    why does everyone think linux will somehow make ps2 emulator possible? gameos is the way to go, i would assume it would have a much smaller memory footprint and there is no rsx driver for linux...

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    hmm but the scene is going at wide steps maybe tomorrow a full-on driver will be released. it needed to because of the 4 years it took to "jailbreak" it.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Here are the newer videos from MODERNTHIS..

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    rebel101150 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by WheedWhack3R View Post
    $0NY filled a patent for full ps2 emulation with a cell processor a few years back and no one has heard any thing new about it for a long time now.
    Already mentioned this.Thats how we concluded it could be software emulation. A little late there bud. K? BAI lol

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