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    i think egohot is awesome and way much cooler than geohot lol!, coz he's not keeping it inside, the world must know that he is a god

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    This diagram was also posted today from DemonHades METLDR article for those interested...

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    fantastic news. it's nice to see that the PS3 scene is alive, unfortunately some guys seem to care more about their importance (which obsviously they have doubts about) than to acomplish a common goal between all of us

    in the end it'll taste so much better when we tell that french dude that the goal was achieved without his help.

    "the one who laughs last, laughs better" Portuguese saying
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    Well this is a great news i read it on geohot blog about a month ago i was very much excited but as always he didn't shared with other people and now after hearing someone else has done it ie loading metldr in spu isolation mode which i hope will leads to dump lvl2 (gameos). Hats off to the one who has done it

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    first of all, boss, i didn't imagine that my post was so important, i shared with you on the beginning because i believe in sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Correct, and worse yet (like in the past) it's part of the Mathieulh "I need to feel important" mentality.
    i hate this guy, i believe that his way to act, is out of minds order, even for
    God is difficult to understand him. in the {i hope next} future, when ps3 will be hacked, nobody will remeber at him as a part of this project, we will remeber about someone who like to feel important watching himself to the mirror. btw it appears strange to me that now the piemontewireless page have been posted in Mathieulh's twitter page.

    btw, it's very strange the choice to post that documentation page on piemontewireless, that is an unknown page. there are lot of sites, like this, there lot of wikies, so i do not undestrand the choice of this guy to pubblish his research on an almost unknown site, i'll try to track him down, hoping to see him posting on this forum some day

    to protect and serve boss
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    France sincerely apologizes for Mathieulh. We're absolutely sorry about "him".


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    This is quite exciting. I've been reading all the going ons on here for the past month or two, and seeing all the drama that geohot and the others are creating with their "I can do it, but I'm not going to show you how" mentality (what is this? Elementary school?). It's awesome seeing the rest of you guys make progress on here like this!

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    Great news indeed and i hope someone from PS3NEWS native DEVS could dump the lvl2 (gameos) using this method.

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    All I want is a media player that runs locally on the PS3, linux is fine, and I hope this eventually leads to that.

    Great news and keep up the good work.

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    Very nice when for example CJPC managed to do this, he must leak the dump

    Sooo... keep up the good work

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