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    don't forget: this game requires a disc in the drive.

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    Do you think we could just edit the eboot now for this? Be a lot easier..

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    i'm still getting black screen..

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    so am i. game installed in /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ game ver(01031).

    followed guide in OP, gaia sees black ops, selects it ok but just loads to a black screen.

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    hello guys, this is what I have done:

    -change the param.sfo on my GAMEZ folder to 3.40.
    -update the retail package.
    -using filemanager I changed the param.sfo and eboot in internal hdd.
    -copied the metadata file to my pc and searched for 3.50 but there was not any.

    I ran the game black screen comes and after rebooting my update retail package is gone from game data utility and has been gone to game menu as Unsupported data. Any idea?

    Do I have to change the param.sfo only with paramsfoedit program or I can do it manually by notepad? Do I have to change the eboot.bin in my GAMEZ folder as well?

    Please help I have been trying things for 3 days.

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    I have a 4.65 rebug cfw and bo1 all time is on black screen... pls can someone help me ?

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    getting a black screen too

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    YO DUDE.. thanks so much this helps a lot.

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    does this still work?

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    i hope this is working

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