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Thread: How to Get Call of Duty: Black Ops Working with PS3 JailBreak

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    nunracer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnny View Post
    could anyone provide me the original SFO of the CALLOFDOODY release? (BLES01031)

    i changed the sfo from this pack like an idiot before i updated the game and now it cancels the update from usb after 14%
    Black Ops Patch BLES01031 ( for dummy lol [sp/mp both works]

    1) del the 1.02 update from internal HDD

    2) Extract files from Black Ops Patch BLES01031.rar

    overwrite files onto the folder you have your games BLES01031: usb HDD/GAMEZ/BLES01031

    the actual game folder not the update folder

    3) use Gaia Manager to Load the game with a disc inside

    sorry for my bad english

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    shmegeger Guest
    ok, so i've done everything the tutorial says. I have retail version of Black ops, BLES03031 i rip the game to internal hdd, alter the PARAM.SFO in the GAMEZ folder to 3.4000 then update. Once ive updated i go into the game\bles03031\ps3_game\usrdata folder etc and copy the eboot from files into here, then alter the PARAM.SFO in the previous file.

    Then i also go and hex edit the metadata file from 3.5 to 3.4 but i still get a black screen? Do i still need to have the disk to play the game? Or does it boot without the disk? Also because im using FW version 3.41, should i not edit the metadata file to 3.41?

    Please help me, i'm tearing my hair out. P.s - thanks for the help up to now, appreciate!

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    j0hnny Guest
    didn't work for me... i deleted the /dev_hdd0/game/BLES01031 folder on my ps3, extracted the whole content of your uploaded rar and fxped it to /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMES/BLES01031 and chose overwrite old files, but it still wants 3.50 as fw..

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    simon1234 Guest
    hi got error you cannot play this game at this carrent video output setting (80028F10)

    can you help?


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    spark32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by caleb4god View Post
    not sure what version of OM you are using but try Gaia manager and see if you have the same result. also what payload are you using?
    I am using Hermes v4B. And Gaia Manager produces the same result.

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    j0hnny Guest
    i give up, can't get this working... either i get corrupted data, or it still wants 3.50..

    teensy++ 2.0, hermes v4b, latest gaia manager, callofdoody bles01031 release...

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    BarbaxX15 Guest
    I GOT IT WORKING. Followed the TUT with metadata as well. Always got the update message.

    I just found out that you need to switch on "BR-Disc Needed" in open manager 2.1I. You need to add that to the Tut.

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    Usernameps3 Guest
    Do you have the have the Hermes V4 Jailbreak, cause I am sitting here with one of the first versions of the jailbreak and I am cba to update it.

    Anyway, I startede doing the 3.5 to 3.4 and so far so good. The edit thing is pretty easy with the editprogram.

    I installed the game on my internal HDD and now I have to update it.

    - But the freaking game will not update!

    I have taking the correct .pkg file that suits my game ID, and still nothing happens.

    I am trying to install it via Install Package Files in XMB while my game is loaded via Open Mananger.

    Help anyone!?

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    rodzluis Guest
    nice work on this fix... thank you!

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    bernzburnz Guest
    For those with 3d tv's. If you launch the game it will automatically set itself to 3d. If you go into the menu and try to revert back to 2d game will crash. Pretty cool you can get 3d to work without 3.50 but I guess the game thinks your on 3.50.

    Fix if you want to revert back to 2d without crashing.

    1. Delete your saved data (Not your game data)
    2. Load game on non 3d tv (I had to do a video reset cause I would get no video after launching Black Ops, but could see HD working)
    3. Save the game
    4. Relaunch game with your 3d tv and you will notice 3d will be off

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