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    ranhola Guest
    I fixed the 80029567 error (during update installation) by installing the PKG with Demo Manager v1.0! Anyone with this error, follow the 'readme' instructions contained in Demo Manager v1.0, it's easy. No need for Hermes payload v4b. Now, off to Black Ops hehe.

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    JayKay77 Guest


    Works great here.. Thanks!

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    robg1983 Guest
    After reading through the tutorial and tons of comments and spent more than 3 hours to get this working which I finally did, the only thing I wasn't doing was editing the metadata_db_hdd from 3.5000 to 3.4100 I was doing everything right except I kept on getting the update to 3.50 message pops up.

    I don't know why in the tutorial it says "The next part comes from hunter128 from here and seems to only apply if you have run the game previously and been prompted to update" which don't make sense, since I hadn't started the game or been prompted the update to begin with.

    If you're doing everything right step 1 - 5 and getting the (you need to update to 3.50) message then continue on with step 6: The editing or the metadata_db_hdd file. You don't need a hex editor I changed mine in notepad.

    Just search for 3.5000 and change it to 3.4100 or 3.4000. then turn off your console and turn it back on. It will update a system file and you're done. Start the game and enjoy!

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    bernzburnz Guest


    Got it to work on my phat ps3, couldn't get it to work on my slim.

    Also I noticed on my slim whenever I install the update pkg I won't have the COD black ops info under game data. Anyone know why this is? If I can get the data to show up in the XMB again I think I can get it to start on the slim. Gonna go give it a try.

    Thanks guys for all the help.

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    spark32 Guest
    I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

    First, I ripped Black ops BLUS30591 to my HDD using the very first backup manager ever made (that original LAUN12345).
    Then I downloaded the Black Ops pack.
    Then i loaded up FTP and I went to the folder
    Then I edited the SFO from 3.5000 to 3.4000
    Then I installed the 1.02 Update for BLUS30591 from a .pkg.
    Then I loaded up FTP and I went to the folder dev_hdd0/GAME/BLUS30591/
    Then I put the eboot.bin from the downloaded back into that folder erasing the one from the update and replacing it with the downloaded one.
    Then I went to the folder dev_hdd0/GAME/"BLUS30591"/PS3_GAME/USRDIR
    Then I edited the SFO from 3.5000 to 3.4000
    Then I went to the folder /dev_hdd0/mms/db/ and FTP'd the file metadata_db_hdd and edited it like Hunter12 said to.
    Then I saved that, and rebooted my PS3.
    Then when I was booted back into JB mode, I put in a PS3 game, went to Open Manager, and booted black ops (but in open manager, now instead of the game being titled "Call Of Duty: Black Ops", it was titled "BLUS30591".
    When it returned to the XMB, I went to the disc icon and it said "Corrupted Data" (so it was a little grey disk image with a lightning bolt going through it saying corrupted data).

    So I followed the steps exactly and ended up with this. Can anyone help me please?!?

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    caleb4god Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
    I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
    not sure what version of OM you are using but try Gaia manager and see if you have the same result. also what payload are you using?

  7. #117
    skyo78 Guest
    Works fine for me, THANKS.

    For those getting corrupted data, make sure you used the correct pkg for your game region. Also try (re)downloading and FTPing the eboot.bin file again.

    Yeah, and also try using Gaia manager

  8. #118
    bernzburnz Guest
    My slim crashed at xmb, when I reset system got message saying HD rebuilt etc. Once rebuilt black ops was back in my game data, weird.

    Loaded right after that, guess i was doing right steps but my hdd was fubared 4 a sec...

  9. #119
    zzk2001 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TomiTom View Post
    This steps are for the MP game on X Link Kai , follow them :

    1: Get single player working

    2: Copy the EBOOT.BIN at GAMEZ/BLES01031/USRDIR and rename it t5_ps3f.self.

    3: Remove the t5mp_ps3f.self from HDD/GAME/BLES01031/USRDIR

    So at the end it should look like:

    GAMEZ/BLES01031/PS3_GAME/USRDIR has EBOOT.BIN, t5_ps3f.self (copy of EBOOT.BIN renamed) and t5mp_ps3f.self


    Enjoy your multiplayer on X Link Kai!
    OK having a little problem with getting MP working

    I checked and check to make sure i had it right But every time i go to MP "In game" it just pushes me back to XMB

    1. I copied the Eboot.bin in the GAMEZ/BLES01031/USRDIR folder

    2. I renamed it t5_ps3f.self

    3. Deleted Both t5_ps3f.self and t5mp_ps3f.self from the DEV_HDD0/GAME/BLES01031/USRDIR folder

    4. copied over patched t5mp_ps3f.self to GAMEZ/BLES01031/USRDIR + t5_ps3f.self (renamed Eboot.bin)

    I'm not sure what's wrong but once i do the fix i pick MP and it just goes back to XMB every time.

    Edit: N/m i got it working, i was using the wrong t5mp_ps3f.self file.

  10. #120
    j0hnny Guest


    could anyone provide me the original SFO of the CALLOFDOODY release? (BLES01031)

    i changed the sfo from this pack like an idiot before i updated the game and now it cancels the update from usb after 14%

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