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    Sep 2010
    Oh, I found it.. Thank you very much for clarifying this... but there is nowhere in the TUT that he mentioned this.

    Thanks man, I will try it right now.. But does this mean I have to replace the EBOOT back to original in the PS3_GAME folder ? Or does it also have to be changed ?

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    if you replaced the eboot in the folder of ur black ops iso then yes, you will need to change it back. the eboot from the pack goes in the folder created by the black ops update .pkg.

    The tutorial on the front page is correct you just have to pay very close attention to where it says to put the eboot and when and where to edit the params.

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    Thanks man... I am playing the game right now

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    sweet, dont forget to rep if i helpd ya

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    can someone clarify these steps, i dont seem to follow that very well. i understand the first part, copy the patched t5mp_ps3f.self into the USRDIR in the GAMEZ folder.

    the next step has me lost. copy eboot.bin as t5_ps3.self? does that mean rename the eboot.bin file to t5_ps3.self? or vice versa?

    then the last step, remove the two files from the /game/**/USRDIR folder, and do i replace those with anything, or just delete them altogether?

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    OK... i found the game folder with the update files, I replaced the eboot.bin and .sfo and still i am getting a black screen.

    (To makes sure i was doing it right this it i redo everything)

    1.Copied over the Black Ops edited .sfo in GAMEZ/PS3_GAME/USRDIR folder

    2. Installed Update

    3. Replaced Eboot.bin and .sfo with the ones in the download in the //dev_hdd0/game/BLES01031/USRDIR/ folder

    4. Edited the metadata_db_hdd to 3.4000 to rebooted PS3

    5. Loaded game with Gaia manager "patch Off' And game goes to Black screen.

    Edit: I got it working I had to edit the PARAM.SFO myself. The one from the download pack will NOT work.

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    i have Title ID - BLES01031 i not replace the eboot and in the metadata replace in two strings the 3.4100 why in the metadata have two strings with the 3.500 and now works fine

    with the orig eboot from cod and replace two strings in the metadata.

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    Nice, i should be able to give this a try soon also.

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    and delete the PS3_DISC.SFB when you not delete this come the message install 3.50 pls delete bevore you run the game and now replace the metadata file the 3.4100 and the game run.

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    Still can't get this to work, see if i'm dong something wrong:

    1) Edited param of game to 3.40
    2) Installed Update pkg
    3) FTP'ed replaced eboot.bin in update folders
    4) Edited param in update folder
    5) Hex edited meta file in hard drive to 3.40

    Still get black screen =(

Closed Thread
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