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    Torrentted Guest

    Thumbs Up How can I update Heavy Rain on my debug to the 2.0 pkg?

    Hey, all. I'm wondering how to update my retail Heavy Rain on my debug to the latest update, the 2.0 patch.

    I tried downgrading to 1.5 firmware to install the retail .pkg, but the PS3 says I can only downgrade to 2.3 or higher. I'm running the 3.41 firmware. I see only Japan and Europe debug .pkgs in the debug .pkg library.

    Anyone know how to do it?

    Thanks a lot.

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    npt Guest
    I would very much like to know the same. Also, by updating to 2.0, will that allow me to use the ps3 move features of the game, as long as I am on 3.41 or higher?



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    the wire Guest
    Set the NP Environment in debug settings to sp-int and start the game, you should be prompted to install the debug update if there is one.

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    Torrentted Guest
    Hey, guys, and thanks for the suggestion, the wire.

    No prompt occurs and I've tried manually checking online for it too. Looking around a bit more, I don't think there is a U.S. debug update 2.0 for Heavy Rain--maybe there's a 1.2 U.S. debug update, but I haven't seen that either.

    Any way to convert a retail .pkg into a debug .pkg (i.e. convert the retail 2.0 update to a debug 2.0 update)? Or any other ideas?

    Thanks, all.

    P.S. Or convert the EUR or JAP debug 2.0 update to US?

    P.P.S. npt, looking around, it does look like Move support works for retail updated ones, but it may be tricky to get going--probably the same for debug?

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