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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thinnpikkins View Post
    Just stumbled on a much better way to the guy that gave me advice... no programs whatsoever. Network settings > Internet Connection Settings > Custom > Set everything as normal) > Set Primary DNS IP to Works flawless.

    Thanks for the help though, and i hope this helps others that can't connect via proxy progs.
    Wow, that totally worked for me. But I have to ask, what is this ip that i'm using and how's it work?

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    red8316 Guest

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    Just tried LG5Tool (Logan5) method. Works flawlessly for my 40GB Fat on FW 3.15. Laptop running the tool is using Windows 7 32bit. PS3 is on a wired connection to a router subnet which the laptop is also connected to.
    • Able to access PSN.
    • Able to access Store.
    • Able to play Bad Company 2 online.
    • Unable to access PS Home (Said it was down for essential maintenance)

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    syphonlord Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by livpool View Post
    if you get failed internet checking while doing a test, either stop the proxy and start it again and then do a connection test
    stop the proxy, turn off the ps3, turn on the ps3 start the proxy and do a connection test
    did that and it now works fine connected to psn and playstation store and modern warfare 2 works fine, thanks for your help!

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    samara80 Guest
    For PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, you have to use "reflector" to extract .NET source code and recompile it with visual studio 2005+ (you must change the source code a little bit).

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    W1LLP0W3R Guest
    Thanks to all who helped out in this thread. The Logan5 method worked on my first try.

    Let's just hope a better workaround comes about before new games come out that require the update.

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    camperdarB Guest
    Thank you for the summary of methods. Was able to get PS3 Proxy up and running pretty painlessly.

    Hopefully a more permanent solution is forthcoming!

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    I used the PS3 Proxi and it worked like a charm. Running on Windows 7 x86 (a.k.a. 32-bit)

    I am hoping for a more permanent solution as well.

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    Dominator7 Guest


    1. Use the Logan5 as described by BOSS here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...tml#post288022

    2. When you want to download a file Logan5 fails, so just stop it, close it and then run PS3 Proxi 1.1 configured as its "help" tab says and without exiting PSN, press the download button and you're there!

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    nipsen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    Wow, that totally worked for me. But I have to ask, what is this ip that i'm using and how's it work?
    ..replicating the "linux way" daGraver posted in this post here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post288142

    Don't think I'd use it without the host's permission, though.

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    lerobotnono Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by micro87 View Post
    Can't write anything in the fields in LG5Tool and PS3.ProxyServer.GUI gives me an unhandled exception. I'm runnig windows 7 if that makes any difference.
    Set the compatibily mode to : Winodws XP

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