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    Edmarts Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Snips View Post
    LG5Tool works fine using win 7 ultimate, just had to download a missing library file first.
    How and where is this library ?

  2. #32
    nathan145 Guest
    Works well but can Sony ban your Console / PSNid if you get caught with lower firmware and still connected to PSN?

  3. #33
    proskopina Guest
    I connected with the Logan5's tool posted on this forum. I just had to run the tool, turn of my PS3 and turn it back on. Then it let me connect to the PSN.

  4. #34
    IanJ Guest
    Thanks guys. It appears my apache install is screwed (mythtv!!!)

    Will try and fix it tomorrow and report back. Was planning on rebuilding the box and I think now might be a good time.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nathan145 View Post
    Works well but can Sony ban your Console / PSNid if you get caught with lower firmware and still connected to PSN?
    This is my biggest concern right now.

    Being that Sony is already showing they don't care about it's customers and are willing to lose them, they could easily start banning people for doing this.

  6. #36
    livpool Guest
    i doubt they're allowed to do that, people have been doing this ever since firmware 1.x and no one has been banned for it.

  7. #37
    CYB3RFR34K Guest
    i am using PS3proxy setting since now, i cant loose what iam paying for!

    now i can log in my psn account.

  8. #38
    wolfpack122 Guest
    I tried Logan5 and it actually signed me into the PSN and I was able to access the PlayStation Store, but whenever I try to play a game I get an error and get signed out.

  9. #39
    gygabyte666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thinnpikkins View Post
    Just stumbled on a much better way to the guy that gave me advice... no programs whatsoever. Network settings > Internet Connection Settings > Custom > Set everything as normal) > Set Primary DNS IP to Works flawless.

    Thanks for the help though, and i hope this helps others that can't connect via proxy progs.
    I know I probably shouldn't trust the IP you gave to us to try but I absolutely HAVE to. I have been messing around with several of these proxy apps now for hours trying to just avoid this annoying move by Sony with no success at all. All I seem to get are exception errors, etc.

    However, I try out that IP once and i'm home free! I cannot thank you enough! I know I shouldn't trust it like I said but i'm absolutely getting nowhere with these applications and I refuse to lose my OtherOS support. I just feel I have no other options but to trust it if I want to be able to get online still and I really, REALLY want to! I just hope this decision doesn't bite me later

    If anyone thinks they can help me get one of the apps running, please by all means, I would love you for it! I'm very tech saavy but I have never messed around with proxy servers before so i'm completely lost and have no clue what i'm doing wrong. I'm also running Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, hope someone can help, i'd rather no use this foreign IP for long if I can help it.

    on a happier note... TAKE THAT SONY! HA!

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    Xannadu Guest


    Thanks for grouping this all up! It's been awhile since I've used the Proxy Server so it's nice to have a refresher.

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