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    Quote Originally Posted by silencephaze View Post
    Anyone know another method to connect to ps network by proxy?
    As far as i know there is no way to access PSN unless you have current firmware...

    Sony have blocked our attempts to use the method described this thread...

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    Yeah i updated, i said Screw it.. Let them spy on me with their stupid tactics!

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    I don't believe there is another method! freaking Sony..

    It's possible conect to psn with debug firmwares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silencephaze View Post
    Yeah i updated, i said Screw it.. Let them spy on me with their stupid tactics!
    Another one falls to sony. for everyone at home still keeping track, that's millions updated and the rest of us still don't care that you updated your firmware it has no real relevance to the past few pages of replies...

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    Is it Possible to Play Newer Games with Older Firmwares?

    Hey Guys, in one week i'm getting red Dead Redemption and i'm scared that it needs the newest Firmware 3.30...

    I am still on 3.10 and dont want to update. but i wanna play that game =/ is there any way to trick the system that i have 3.30 as firmware?

    i have a 80gb ps3. (exacly number i can tell when im at home)

    i hope someone can help me =(


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    Not at the moment right now. sony has blocked the methods of trying to get on psn. and other services if i remember right. Sit back and wait right now.

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    wah i'm crying right now Q.Q

    one side, wanna play Red Dead Redemption that much... waited 4 Years for the new part of this game.

    second side, have faith that there will be a cfw in near future...

    god i hate you pony slaystation >.<

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    Unless I'm mistaken, since you have 3.10 the OtherOS capabilities have been removed from your system, which in turn means that there really is no point in you holding back from just updating (other than privacy concerns I guess...) So why wait in my opinion... BUT don't take me up on it until someone else verifies that I'm correct or not.

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    3.15 is the last system with Other OS, they removed it in 3.21, thus being one of the reasons this topic exists.

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