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    itwong Guest

    Wink How to access flash0, flash1 on debug?

    I am curious to see the content of /flash0, /flash1 from the ps3 NAND on a debug/test unit. Is there any way to dump the content out using $DK? If so, how? Thank you

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    randalf Guest

    Cellftp.self can use to dump dev_flash, basically you must follow the steps in Debug Tool Backup Game Guide, once connected we stand at the root directory, among other directories dev_flash, dev_flash1 and dev_flash2 are shown, but there is only access to first.

    The process to access a debug ps3 with cellftp.self is perfectly explained and detailed in the guide, but still will copy in this short summary.

    -MSYS windows.
    $ dtnetm-d (IP ps3)

    -MSYS windows.
    $ cd work
    $ bedbg-prepare (DTCFILESV+DTCCONS starts)
    $ bedbg-nodebug cellftp.self (cellftp.self is started)

    -DTCCONS windows.
    Welcome to FS Tools......

    COMMAND> (dev_hdd0 is set as the current directory)

    COMMAND> cd / (change root directory)
    COMMAND> ls
    / entry:
    d: .
    d: app_home
    d: host_root
    d: dev_flash
    d: dev_flash2
    d: dev_flash3
    d: dev_hdd0
    d: dev_usb006

    COMMAND> cd /dev_flash
    COMMAND> ls
    /dev_flash entry:
    d: .
    d: ..
    d: sys
    d: data
    d: vsh
    d: ps2emu
    d: ps1emu

    COMMAND> put ps1emu
    copy /dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_emu.self (869824 bytes) to /app_home/ps1emu/ps1_emu.self:
    copy /dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_netemu.self (882104 bytes) to /app_home/ps1emu/ps1_neemu.self:
    copy /dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_newemu.self (840432 bytes) to /app_home/ps1emu/ps1_newemu.self:

    Same way to dump the game,simply go to another directory, can see that many directories in dev_flash are not shown,
    but there is an exception to the fw 2.76, as we read 2.76 allows full read access to dev_flash.

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    itwong Guest


    I am wondering what's inside /dev_flash1 and /dev_flash2. I know how to access /dev_flash with cellftp.self.

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    randalf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by itwong View Post
    I am wondering what's inside /dev_flash1 and /dev_flash2. I know how to access /dev_flash with cellftp.self.
    Hi itwong,

    Be sure you are fine, recently I saw in your post in Chinese site with complete filelist /dev_flash using cellftp.self กกก

    It was not for you, if not who could read the thread, as indicated in the title "How to access flash0...", / dev_flash actually , I saw that there was no response thread, of course not by you or other members of the forum that is well known, if not read in the future someone who knows that the first flash is accessible, and little explanation of how to do it because , knows many searches on google on ps3 test, most in realiadad, come ps3news carried, it was just that, sorry the confusion.

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