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    Apr 2005

    Homebrewed PS3 System File Editor v0.80 Arrives

    Update: As expected, it's now released! Download: Homebrewed PS3 System File Editor v0.80

    According to RichDevX's Twitter (linked above), Hellcat plans to release an updated Homebrewed PS3 SFO Editor in approximately 48 hours.

    This comes roughly two years after the PS3 BRDGen Team released a similar application dubbed SFO-Edit v1.0.

    According to the pictures (below), the homebrew PS3 System File Editor v0.80 will attempt to reproduce the functionality that Sony's PS3Gen (ps3sys.exe specifically) offers for SFO extension files... allowing you to view, edit, and save PARAM.SFO files.

    We will update this post when it's actually released of course.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CJPC Guest

    Homebrewed PS3 System File Editor v0.80 Arrives

    Yeah - A decent little application it seems like, but its similar in function to the SFO-Edit that we released nearly 3 years ago. Just about a clone of the official Sony Application - but at least someone else is working on PS3 stuff, albeit on a PC, and re-doing the work of others!

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    Apr 2005
    Well, they are handy when rebuilding game images (though hex editors can change the Firmware version just as easily) but until the PS3 is hacked I don't see many mainstream PS3 uses for either application sadly.

    One thing I did notice in the picture above is that SilverSpring helped Hellcat with it. Those who are familiar with PSP Dev stuff (or even his blog: my.malloc.us/silverspring) know that he is talented in reverse-engineering. It would be great if he could actually assist the PS3 Devs with the RE Project.

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    thijzzy Guest
    Nice to see someone's actually rebuilding the SFO-editor

    altough i will never use it i think..

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    thekhacker Guest

    im new to this and have no idea what this does

    can someone tell me what this is going to work for what caught my atention on this is that it said homebrewed but i thought this was going to enable homebrew or something but from what im seeing it doesnt but would someone please give me a detailed explanation thanks.

    ps3news is the best!

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    mikewwfman316 Guest
    When i first saw this i thought they found a way to play homebrew stuff on ps3 just like the above user. so from what i grasp this really wont do us any good until they get the ps3 hacked. Well it nice to be ready so if it does get hacked then a nice program like this will def make rebuilding ps3 img files easy.

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    Apr 2005
    Indeed, as stated above it's basically useless until the PS3 is hacked... it won't allow you to run back-ups, homebrew, etc it is just a 'homebrew' port of Sony's copyright tools.

    Honestly, if there was a good use for them the real Sony tools would just be leaked publically (Devs have had them since 2006) so these ports are really just for archival purposes.

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    slastrina Guest
    This is app quite nice, seems like a lot of work has been put into it.

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    playforfun Guest


    ho, good new

    but useless for a ps3 game retail i think
    because if he can reproduce exactly SFO file, i think he cannot make a perfect game BD

    for debug users, it can be useful and maybe more easy than original

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    Apr 2005
    Nah, for the few Debug users it accomplishes the same as the existing SFO-Edit app (or even Sony's own utility). Once it's released you will see it won't allow you to do anything new or exciting sadly.

    The most exciting part of this news is that SilverSpring is now working on PS3 stuff, which means hopefully he can help the PS3 Devs with reversing files that will actually lead somewhere, versus just cloning Sony's existing apps.

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