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Thread: HManager v1.0 - PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager

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    HManager v1.0 - PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager

    Today Hermes has released HManager v1.0, a PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager based on PSL1GHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP.

    Download: HManager v1.0 for PS3 / HManager v1.0 PS3 CFW 3.55 Port / PS3 LV2 Patcher v9 / HManager v1.2 for PS3 / HManager v1.3 for PS3 / HManager v1.4 for PS3 / HManager v1.5 for PS3

    To quote from the ReadMe file via ornella: Based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP, is the first manager of code open and made about Homebrew tools.

    Is intended for the base psgroove-hermesv4 and in particular for CFW 3.41 (is compatible with old dongle, but in this case will not be active some features). This program should be used for the legitimate use of backup and author disclaimed any missuse that could do third persons and only recognizes the uses that allows the Spanish legislation in the private sphere.

    • Allows loading games from internal and external HDD, bluray, like Open Manager: copy, test and delete games available
    • Includes psgroove-hermesv4D payload, with signed self.
    • It is presented with a graphical interface which represent 4 x 3 icons on the screen.
    • It allows adjusting the screen, change the games directory and change background color.
    • Minimizes the use of buttons and the possibility of a mistake by pressing the wrong buttons (especially designed for children)
    • Includes FTP support (OpenPS3FTP), the possibility of syscalls blocking (through internal key: it is recommended to compile the program
      changing "hmanager_key" by another) and the possibility of releasing PS3LoadX directly.
    • Possibility of replacing EBOOT.BIN in new games by other external BIN
    • The games settings are saved in a private directory (using the game ID)


    Online games:
    • LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN -> move to select game. Out of limits changes the screen
    • CROSS -> load game options and go to the XMB
    • TRIANGLE -> go to XMB
    • SELECT -> go game configuration options
    • START -> go to global settings of the HMANAGER

    Configuration options and global:
    • UP/DOWN -> move between selections
    • LEFT/RIGHT -> select (Config.) (Game)
    • CROSS -> select
    • CIRCLE -> return

    At any time:
    • L2 + R2 + START -> adjust screen

    "Options" screen:
    • Config. Game -> go to Config screen. Game
    • Copy Game -> copy games from BR/HDD
    • Delete Game -> remove games from HDD
    • Test Game -> makes a test reporting if the game have Big files or Split files
    • Copy EBOOT.BIN from USB -> copy an EBOOT.External BIN from /dev_usb/ps3game to the /dev_hdd0/game/HMANAGER4/self directory. The expected name is "ID".BIN (e.g. in GT5, BCES-00569.BIN). This feature requires payload v4D and activate "extern EBOOT.BIN". Thus, it is possible to launch the original bluray in 3.41 with modified self
    • Return -> return

    Screen Config. Game:
    • Fix Permissions -> change between "Default" (original console needing certain games), "ps jailbreak" and "v4 Perms (F1)", which is the mode default payload v4
    • Select XMB -> switches between "Debug" (XMB with jailbreak) and "retail" (requires disk to launch game, but allows other things)
    • Online Updates -> by default is "on" (does nothing)... Changing to "off" in payload v4D amending the flight version of the application, while avoiding upgrades.
    • Extern EBOOT.BIN -> select between "on" (requires an EBOOT.BIN previously copied with your ID) and "off"
    • Save Config -> save the configuration in /dev_hdd0/game/HMANAGER4/config ("ID".cfg)
    • Return -> return (yeah!)

    Overall screen Options:
    • Video Adjust -> Video adjust screen
    • Change Game Directory -> to change games directory (autodetected between /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ and /dev_hdd0/game/xxxx/GAMEZ)
    • Change Background Color -> change background color on the other hand to your liking
    • Press To Enable Syscall Security -> enable not allows other programs to use the syscalls 6,7,8 and 36 used by payload
    • Press To Disable Syscall Security -> remembers to modify "hmanager_key" and compile the program if you want a maximum security
    • Load PS3LoadX -> option to load the utility of developing PS3LoadX. If the permissions were set in "default" you can be useful as well as should first launch HMANAGER to ensure the payload version latest
    • Initialize FTP Server -> once started, shows IP and port. From a client FTP access as anonymous
    • Return -> return (yeah!)

    Notes on compilation:
    • Requires the latest PSL1GHT, Tiny3D and PS3Soundlib from my git:
    • Obviously, it is possible to adapt the programme to other payloads/firmware versions and the source this at your disposal to do so.
    • Due to recent problems with and other development sites, I prefer to publish the code source and binaries to the old way:
      in format ZIP/RAR and I invite other developers to publish their changes in the same way.

    Tranlated by felipollo2002.

    [imglink=|HManager v1.0 - PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager][/imglink]
    [imglink=|HManager v1.0 - PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager][/imglink]
    [imglink=|HManager v1.0 - PSGroove Hermes v4 PS3 Backup Manager][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    condorstrike Guest
    another manager...

    looks good though, and made with PSl1ght. awesome.

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    NCSUfan Guest
    now if someone will make it work with cfw 3.55 as there's been no good reason to stay at 3.41 for quite awhile now.

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    FMAranda Guest

    I didn't get you. We can run backups in 3.55 (with even greater compatibility), no need to keep changing EBOOTs and is very stable. multiMAN does everything for you.

    I don't see a reason to you still stay on 3.41 (for a long time).

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    I think he means the same as you just worded differently, basically saying 3.55 CFW is superior to 3.41, unless I too am confused.

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    detectionrange Guest
    Any reason to stay on CFW 3.41 was eradicated when Waninkoko's 3.55 v2 was created. Improvements to CFW should be the focus of DEVS.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    why in the H E double hockey sticks does Hermes keep releasing everything for 3.41, I'm thinking he's the only one still living in the past

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    whompus60 Guest
    Isn't debug only at 3.41. Also if he is from psgroove wouldn't it make sense he try to make best he can make for their dongle.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    As I recall he was never with PSGroove (I could be wrong), I know his payload include implementation of PSGroove. I just don't understand why he hasn't made the jump to a 3.55 CFW.

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    iWolf Guest


    is it working on waninkoko ?

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