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    Registered User frub3nz's Avatar
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    Hermes is a Her?

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    Her?! wao!

    anyways: in the name of every CFW/JB users here in Hungary, i`d like to say a huge thanks for all of your hard work! wish all the best!

    see you!

  3. #33
    I think a LOT of people are gonna be thinking the same thing... "Her?"

    Regardless, Hermes was what I used when JB first came out and although I use Waninkoko now, I'd personally like to thank Hermes for the hard work and effort.

  4. #34
    great work.. i wonder if she is hot..

    that would be a kool missus... sit back playing games while she hacks... LOL

  5. #35
    it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.

  6. #36
    Wish you well Hermes... Will always be a big name in the early ps3 hack developments...

    Hopefully you were one of those "hackers" that got asked by Sony...

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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.
    LOL that was also my first reaction to comment.

    But it's sad to see him go. Hermes probably can't find much of a challenge? The PS3 is already fully opened up. Now it's just up to the community devs to customize and release more homebrew and make the various exploits user-friendly.

  8. #38
    I guess, he or she, has been hired by SONY...

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    Red Face

    This is one of the sadest days for the scene. He has given the community so much. Sorry to hear that.

    Whatever you do in your life, i wish you all the luck a man can have.

    A million kudos to you!

  10. #40
    If history repeats itself, then sir Hermes will be back!!! Watch this space... we all can hope... right??


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