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  1. #31
    frub3nz Guest
    Hermes is a Her?

  2. #32
    anulu82 Guest
    Her?! wao!

    anyways: in the name of every CFW/JB users here in Hungary, i`d like to say a huge thanks for all of your hard work! wish all the best!

    see you!

  3. #33
    saviour07 Guest
    I think a LOT of people are gonna be thinking the same thing... "Her?"

    Regardless, Hermes was what I used when JB first came out and although I use Waninkoko now, I'd personally like to thank Hermes for the hard work and effort.

  4. #34
    elser1 Guest
    great work.. i wonder if she is hot..

    that would be a kool missus... sit back playing games while she hacks... LOL

  5. #35
    condorstrike Guest
    it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.

  6. #36
    dyceast Guest
    Wish you well Hermes... Will always be a big name in the early ps3 hack developments...

    Hopefully you were one of those "hackers" that got asked by Sony...

  7. #37
    sharks Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.
    LOL that was also my first reaction to comment.

    But it's sad to see him go. Hermes probably can't find much of a challenge? The PS3 is already fully opened up. Now it's just up to the community devs to customize and release more homebrew and make the various exploits user-friendly.

  8. #38
    wroxtar Guest
    I guess, he or she, has been hired by SONY...

  9. #39
    final94 Guest

    Red Face

    This is one of the sadest days for the scene. He has given the community so much. Sorry to hear that.

    Whatever you do in your life, i wish you all the luck a man can have.

    A million kudos to you!

  10. #40
    OGroteKoning Guest
    If history repeats itself, then sir Hermes will be back!!! Watch this space... we all can hope... right??

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