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    With Payload 4 ? Does this mean, that the hermes modification for playing without disc (broken drive) is integrated in this CFW ??

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    That Hermes is the payload for jailbreak. You need this to run the backup manager. Thanks, It is what is on the dongles.

    And as far as i know that you can not connect to the PSN with 3.41. This is to take away the need for the doogle. Thanks
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    I just installed hermes CFW 3.41 but nothing changed... (FAT CECHG-04 40gb) What should i do now to make it work.?

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    Same thing as johnq.. I've installed the patched pup CFW 3.41 successfully but nothing happened couldnt find the "Hermes - Payload 4" application under "Games". My model is CECHE06 (80gb FAT, ASIA).

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    Can't connect to PSN, I meant to say that everything was working 100% as it was before, with the dongle.

    For the last 2 guys: You need to install the hermes v4 under "install packages".. once.

    Then every time you start up (whether it be hard or soft boot) you will need to run the hermes program under games.
    It's nice not having to hard power the PS3 anymore too, especially with the slim.

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    MultiMAN 1.13.04
    HERMES v4b CFW for 3.41
    v4b patcher

    CECH-2101B (slim 250gb) (very easy, very stable)

    From OFW 3.41 to CFW HERMES 3.41

    I used the pre-patched file found in the first post and everything is working flawlessly. No crashing, no nothing. Very clean install from regular update on the XMB choosing to install from storage devise instead of network. All PSN games working, all pre-patched eboot games working from external and internal as if nothing had changed. Very happy I installed HERMES, very happy I didn't try others.

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    i use open manager and i've had no problems.

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    Will the BackupManager work without Disk in Drive ?

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    You have to install the payload different from the custom firmware. Here is the payload to install. Install it and under where the game managers are there will be the hermes payload you have to load each time in order to use the managers. Thanks.
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    Yeah, but will they work without Disk in Drive just like when i JB with dongle ?


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