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  1. #31
    rayodanof Guest
    Nice. Works on CECH2104A!

  2. #32
    flashpc Guest
    Does this firmware allow installation and running of unsigned code? Also with the 3.55 cfw is there going to be a hermes 4.355 port coming out soon?

  3. #33
    bboyeff3ct Guest
    kmeaws cfw 3.55 works perfect i like it better then this 3.41

  4. #34
    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gamesniper View Post
    So... Wait... Are those listed the only ones that work w/ this CFW or am I able to use it on my CECHP console?
    Those listed are the ones that were personally tested from what I can tell.

  5. #35
    doorman Guest
    Umm no, I have it working just fine with Rogero 7.8 and Waninkoko's CFW.

  6. #36
    misiozol Guest
    Tested on cechc 04 and trouble , first corrupted data on hdd ps3 and automatic restoration process , then was 2 folders as we know for half a second system froze pop up rebuilding database and one folder left install package files , and where is this mythical payload 4 can't find it in the packages.

  7. #37
    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by doorman View Post
    Umm no, I have it working just fine with Rogero 7.8 and Waninkoko's CFW
    Had some one else say that, then they ended up with the same results as me. The game is my own personal backup, and seeing the same result twice leads me to believe its true for all.

    If it does work for you without the results below, only thing I can figure is that it has to do with you having the "Game Data" previously installed.

    Quote Originally Posted by dfennec View Post
    Ratchet and Clank seems to work just fine on Kmeaw's firmware, so I dunno..
    Quote Originally Posted by dfennec View Post
    I stand corrected, it crashed at a savepoint and won't load again.

  8. #38
    djcopey Guest
    Anyone know if its ok for the CECHC03 (EU fat with backward compatibility)?

  9. #39
    tonybologna Guest
    It's good to see this but I may wait on the new debug CFW that will be coming out soon from Cyberskunk, Evilsperm, and company. I'm still on 3.41 jailbreak and just waiting for a solid solution.

  10. #40
    Jack Straw Guest
    Works GREAT... just as good as my dongle, great to finally ditch it before I break my USB ports

    benefit to this over the 3.55 CFw's is that everything that worked before just works now. PSN, games with fixes (disgaea 3)... I'll move up to a higher CFW in the future but for now. THANKS HERMES!!! for letting me ditch the dongle!

    blackbox ftp works normally, which it doesn't on 3.55 (right?)

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