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Thread: Hermes PS3 CFW - Custom Firmware 3.41 with Payload 4 Arrives

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    foobar Guest
    i can confirm it works on a CECHJ04 (pal) unit.. installed it from XMB over a orginal 3.41 version.

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    H4ZE Guest
    Well, goodbye dongles

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great work Hermes, but I'll wait til this payload is ported to CFW 3.55. But is good to know somebody is working on older FWs.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Thanks Hermes, GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, thanks for making a 3.41 version I am sure it will be very useful!

    Happy for using my dongle on 3.41 for now, just waiting for $onys next move before I choose what to do!

    Still saving for my ONLINE PS3 tho...

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    NeTRaW Guest
    Anybody tested on CECHA00 NTSC PS3?

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    pschip Guest
    You're the MAN, Hemes!

    Keep up the good work

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    brab Guest
    Haha, that's exactly my way of thinking...

    I was soo considering upgrading yesterday, but I will wait until I see what's coming from Sony next...

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    pschip Guest
    working at first time in a CECH2404A (slim)

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    FMAranda Guest
    But remember, switch between payloads will result in permissions problems, this is the main reason for fix_permissions exist.

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    longhornx Guest
    two persons who have:

    CECHC04 (my model, 3 times with Different Changes, FAT 60GB)
    CECHG04 (FAT)
    CECHH04 (FAT 40GB)
    CECHL04 (FAT 80 gb)
    CECHE01 (NTSC)
    CECH2001A (NTSC slim 120GB)
    CECH2004A (slim)
    CECH2504B (slim)
    CECH2404A (slim)
    CECH2004B (slim)


    BTW, someone from here have the CECHC04?, it really works?

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