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    can you and/or are you ever going to port Hermes v4 to 3.55?

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    Sep 2008
    Ratchet and Clank seems to work just fine on Kmeaw's firmware, so I dunno..

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    I might be updating then I already got my platinum trophy for the game, but at least I'll know compatibility is improved. Your personal backup? US?

    FYI in 3.41 with PL3 it would run sometimes, then crash during auto-saves (which happen very frequently) (Also FYI I never have scene releases... unless they break street date because I couldn't legally buy them... yet.)

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    I stand corrected, it crashed at a savepoint and won't load again.

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    Can I install & run payloadv4h.pkg on kmeaw CFW and have a choise to run either lv2.pkg or payloadv4h.pkg, thus having both PL3 and Hermes payloads on CFW?

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    i'm waiting for Waninkokos 3.55 v2 CFW to be released later today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfennec View Post
    I stand corrected, it crashed at a savepoint and won't load again.
    I'd lol, but I don't know if that was your main game save. Guess the non-compatibility list needs a double star for that one.
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    These are the only game that I know of/believe to currently require Hermes to run properly.

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    Well Hermes payloads have always been more stable for me than PL3, but He's not keeping up and PL3 becoming the standard and allowing PSN acces through 3.55CFW makes me as much as I like His payload pass on it this time around, but I'm sure it'll be ported over to 3.55 in less than a week's time, so this news actually makes me Happy.

    would love Dual Payloads, life would be much easier...

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    If it's a memory patch...there is good chance its version specific... I wouldn't even risk it when playing with stuff like the hypervisor... just wait for the official response to it before YOU try it.

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    So... Wait... Are those listed the only ones that work w/ this CFW or am I able to use it on my CECHP console?

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