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Thread: Hermes PS3 CFW - Custom Firmware 3.41 with Payload 4 Arrives

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    nikola989 Guest
    if i get it right i install csw that is on front page then pkg v1.01 and thats it? goodbye jb dongle? any known issues? freezings?bricking? i just wanna make double check before i try this.. can irevert back to official 3.41?do i lose some functions bd or anything?

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    severusx Guest
    I haven't heard of any reported bricking. I have installed this on my Slim, my friend's Slim, and another Fat with BC. No problems whatsoever. You can revert to OFW 3.41 via the recovery menu if you so choose. And yes, the dongle is no longer needed.

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    nikola989 Guest
    on front page its already patched pup and i just install it and thats it? no need to patch it myself? thanks for reply..what about later updating to 3.55 cw?will there be any problem if i decide letter to update.

    i guess game compatibility is same as with regular hermes v4?does new multiman supports 3.41 cfw?

    i am not that big noob its just that my english is not very good and i am just double checking to make sure to not screw up something.

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    severusx Guest
    Yes you can just use the patched PUP, no need to do it yourself. You can upgrade to CFW 3.55 in the future, but I would recommend that you return to OFW 3.41 before the upgrade just to be safe. Game compatibility is very good, using MultiMan the only game I haven't been able to make work is Split/Second.

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    xerxesrex Guest
    could any kind souls pls share the link to the CFW 3.41 again, all the original links are broken. thanks a million

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest

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    xerxesrex Guest
    thanks to oversoldier, i am currently downloading now. thanks again. cheers

    Bravo, 3.41 work perfectly on my CECH2501A running UC3 now. thanks

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