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Thread: Hermes and Naima on PS3 NPDRM SELFs, Encryption Differs

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    JoeSurfer68 Guest
    Sorry for this noobish question, but is there anyone out here who can post a link with more basic information on PS3 NPDRM selfs?

    With the spreadsheet completely filled, I thought that every PS3 file can be decrypted. Furthermore, I though that fail0verflow told in their 27C3 presentation that they already hacked or know how to hack SELF files, and I thought that this is the same like PS3 NPDRM files.

    Furthermore, I thought with the metldr keys released that everything on the PS3 can be reversed engineered easier than before as you are able to decrypt the firmware, the binaries etc.

    However, I understand from the post here that Sony takes a random number (as they should have done with the metldr key etc.) for encrypting while geohot uses a static one so that homebrew signed with geohot´s tools can be identified.

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    caravela Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xander150 View Post
    There is no note, his files (which all use the same key pair) are like a note (Like: "Hey, I use always the same key pair, so that I can control the apps and stop piracy so please don't ban my key pair").
    There is, and it is on the include/oddkeys.h file
    // The NPDRM decryption keys are not included anywhere
    // I do have them, but see no purpose in releasing them
    // Please do not blacklist the keypair I use
    // These applications give you no ability to decrypt NPDRM

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    routehero Guest
    Unless you have a stack of SNES catridges and arcade machines in your basement, it's still copyright infringement and no different than using 'backups'.

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    JoeSurfer68 Guest
    Just found the difference between NPDRM and SELFs, sorry for bothering (for all the other beginners: NPDRM are used for PSN downloads).

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    SaveU Guest
    So in the end, Geohot did give out as much as he could to open the PS3 homebrew scene, while not setting the world completely on fire.

    When he asked sony not to blacklist his keys, he informed them that they could easily be blocked, but implied that he could create another set. So he could spoonfeed the scene without completely giving up the recipie. (because if he did that it would be much MUCH more difficult to block. I guess he was hoping sony would let the keys slide, if the whole backup thing didnt go nuts like it did.

    In the end, I think he did this as a defense from sony. As what he did will be somewhat recoverable within a couple of firmware updates. By the time we hit march, all games will be in the 3.6plus SDK, and untouchable by current measures.

    But I believe it will backfire, in the sense that Sony has a valid point in that if he isnt "blocked" from contributing to the scene, he can continually disrupt and cause damage to sony. Whereas if he is blocked, it may end here, as other mainstream "hackers" arent going to waste thier time on something that has been done.

    Either way, i'm not so sure that Geohot will go any further in releasing stuff. If he wins the case, he has contributed by setting a precedent for the industry. (Same if he loses) But I doubt he will put his future (he is a young guy with a bright future... bright wealthy future) on the line again, as he has already done it. Unconditionally, and undisputedly done it.

    The PS3 is hacked, the tools are there now to put linux on the box. Future motivation has dwindled.

    Lets see what happens in the upcommig months, if someone else will jump on the grenade.

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    GiantMonster Guest
    so there was no release of so called ps3 root key or ps3 private key, that could sign software for all future firmware versions of ps3. geohot's signing tool only contains keys for signing executables to work only on fw version up to 3.55.

    whenever failOverflow team or Geohot has actual root key remains mystery...

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    daveribz Guest
    This note really seems like a warning. I kinda see it like: "I have the keys, but i'll keep them for myself as long as you don't piss me off." And I think that might be too late for Sony.

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    Most of us understand that the guy gets off on being popular and on top. I'd suggest to leave him alone and forget about him. We do not have to jump and start working and try every thing he throws at the scene every time he does something. Just do the opposite, ignore him and leave him to his naive and misrepresented childhood trauma. That would kill him.

    I feel that we should leave everything in the hands of our more trusted, more giving people who have been working really hard with payloads, jailbreaking and other stuff. They gave us something working. But he comes every time and does something that makes the whole scene happy, sad and angry at the same time.


    my 2 cents.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I find it funny that such things comes from Hermes and Waninkoko. Don't misunderstand i'm happy about permanent jailbreak but to same time it is not ok the way it was released.If geohot would have work in underground with sceners and released it to specific time via a other person then it wouldnt hurt sony as it to time do.

    Beside all this i remember that Waninkoko is respond for killing the Wii scene in case he released first the USB Loader and in time of a few hours he also presented and released a SD loader. Marcan was the one who showed him that it is not to hard to write a SD loader cause he hase done the same in time of 2-3 hours and asked Waninkoko to not release his SD loader.

    But what hase wanin done? Jop released the shit and ruined the Wii Hombrew and Hacking scene with it.I to this time finished my work on Wii and jumped over to the ps3 and coded my first machine code pc app for the ps3 to us on win32 pc. Hermes never released a Backup Loader but he also released a custom IOS for the Wii to make use for Homebrew and Pirated Games.

    Also on the PS3 he hase coded payloads for use with psgroove jailbreak to also activate pirated games. So i don't want to say that his post isnt true but are Hermes and Waninkoko the guys who really can spid out such things about Geohot?

    And thats no fan war cause i call geohot as EGOHOT like the interview from yesterday has proven that he is.

    -Peace CFWPRHT-

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    fldash Guest
    As I've said... geohot is the only developer that has released something to be consumed by the general public for firmware 3.55 yet the system is supposedly 'wide open'. So, at this point, the scene is somewhat dead until the current devs are able to catch up to what geohot knows about the system... A wide open system means nothing if it's so complex that the developers working on it can't figure it out.

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