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    ModderFokker Guest
    Here's an updated PKG Toolkit GUI-v1.03 version... lol so actually V1.04 ?

    EDIT: I've updated the program one last time as well for whoever had problems with unSELF.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I updated the main page with it and labeled it with an "a" (for alternate) to avoid any confusion with the other 1.03 revision. +Rep!

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    daveribz Guest
    Hey, can someone make it work with PSN PSOne games? I want to try working with those, but they don't have an EBOOT.BIN so every PKGager refuses to take it.

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    PSGamer24 Guest
    It's updated to 1.10 now. Version numbering was messy. Fixed for 64BIT OS (hopefully).

    Quote Originally Posted by ModderFokker View Post
    Here's an updated PKG Toolkit GUI-v1.03 version... lol so actually V1.04 ?
    It was actually 1.031

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Ahh.. ANOTHER update

    Latest release - Version 1.10.

    Updated version with unself tool included. Version information also added. Various buxfixes including 64-bit OS support.

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    PSGamer24 Guest
    It should say:

    [Version 1.10]
    - Bugfix for 64-Bit OS that prevented make_self_npdrm from running.
    - Minor GUI tweaks.

    From now on version revision should increment like this -->1.10,1.20,1.30
    Only if anything else needs adding. Old versions should just be removed.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    OK, added 1.10 to the first post as well. Hopefully that's it for tonight.

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    zeromx Guest

    D0zspatcher for PS3 Arrives to Auto-decrypt, Modify, and PKG

    Simple tool to decrypt, patch and package your game EBOOT.BIN's and includes feature as a firmware spoofer (changes both eboot and param), dev_hdd0/dev_usb001 and directory changer.
    Version 1.0

    i tried making this as simple as possible, hereís how it works:

    1) Install cygwin w/ default options (if you already have it, skip this step)
    2) Copy the gameís files and create a folder structure like this (Donít copy USRDIRís contents except EBOOT.BIN):

    -ICON0.PNG & any other files residing in this folder

    that's just the bare minimum, include any other files you want in the pkg

    3) Drag the game folder icon (BLES01031 in the example above) to d0zspatcher.exe's icon

    that's it. change any settings you want in the GUI and press start.

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