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    Arrow Help Taking the Playstation DM to the next level...

    I previously released Playstation Download Manager, 3.27 with various bug fixes; and now it's time to add more features and take it to the next level.

    Current Plans:

    >> Create a download manager - 0%
    Looking for someone to create a download manager, which can receive an input such as (string url, int segments, string destination) and prevent duplicate downloads.

    Data must be accessed like this:

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    Proxy Server - 100% (Using it from the old version)

    If you provide any of the above, then I'll include your name in the developers tab.

    NOTE: Any code written must be in C# or VB.NET to simplify inclusion within this program.

    Thank you...

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    it's a very nice app, thank you

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    Big Grin

    I'm sure you probably have but did you try:

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