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Thread: Help: Singstar PS3 investigation

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    parkerparker Guest

    Lightbulb Help: Singstar PS3 investigation


    I'm currently thinking of investigating how singstar on ps3 package their songs which you buy from the online store!. Once you purchase them you can download them as many times as you want (from what i know so far). One you download it, it just adds to your song library. But i was just starting to get into this tonight, Does any dev know how they package these songs? is it the same as normal demos PKG?. Any further assistance/insight...would help...

    anyway i'm off to investigate!!!...even if it leads no where...

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    chipzz Guest
    I'll try to see what i can do..

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    idone Guest

    if you have bought some of these songs can you re-dll them and grab a link with proxy.

    then post here or submit to psn.ps3news i would like to check one out.


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    parkerparker Guest
    i've tried to grab the file with ps3proxy but no fun at the moment...
    only at start of game does it search for a update file (hits sony servers) but apart from that the re-download of the game i cannot find a proxy link?! this is using ps3proxy. what are your thoughts?
    only update is looked for?!

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    parkerparker Guest
    any ideas other then ps3proxy? to intercept the url for the singstar download? help please?

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    Ps3Rips Guest
    use wireshark, It should give a more verbose output than ps3proxy.

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    tmaster Guest
    i say their probably added the same way as rockband and GH songs , once downloaded they are install silently you have no control over that.

    i never tried to use wireshark Ps3Rips. i will give it try later to see if i can find any links for the songs.

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    parkerparker Guest
    been looking further into this...
    it does show an "install screen" acutually "updating songs" now it does show a % out of 100 to show install. i'm having trouble using wireshark but nothing time will sort out!. but yeah guess already this file still is transmitted as a PKG file. but maybe not?

    any help would be great!

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    NTAuthority Guest
    As far as I can tell, all PS3 installable data from the PSN comes in the same PKG format. For example, the Burnout stuff - which is all in the game update, except some unlocking data - still is a .pkg file when downloaded, though it's a download of 100 KB.

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