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    sharks Guest

    Help with PS3 games of different region and PSN store

    Hi everyone,

    I am having a really confusing time figuring out how or which PSN store to get the expansion packs for the games that i bought on disc for my PS3. Here is the story, to hopefully make it all easier to understand:

    I bought Warhawk for the PS3. I ordered it and got a HongKong edition. It has some chinese written on the cover but it has english as well. it plays fine on my PS3. no problem whatsoever.

    I have made 3 accounts on my PS3: europe, usa and japan, so that i can access content from all three major PSN stores. However, by default i use the Europe account, as i'm actually in that region. Now, i want to buy the warhawk expansion packs, which are available only on the PSN store, but i have no international credit card so i ordered a prepaid Playstation card for the USA network only, as there are no prepaid cards for the European PSN store.

    So, now i want to know before i buy anything from the PSN store.... will it work if i buy the expansion packs on the USA network, while having the Warhawk game on disk, which is a hongkong version?

    Also, i have Killzone2 and i want to buy the DLC from the USA PSN store. But i bought Killzone2 UK edition. So, will the DLC work?

    Here is my idea for both games:

    When i download the DLC on my PS3 while logged into the USA PSN account, the DLC will still obviously be on my PS3 hard drive, no matter which account i switch back to. Now, if it doesn't work with my Killzone2 europe disc, while i'm logged into my USA account, then maybe if i switch account to the Europe one, it will work?

    Can anybody help? Anyone tried this before? I'm sure someone must have done this already, as both of the games are extremely popular on the PS3.

    Thanks for all replies.

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    tupacalissa Guest
    if you download from us store it doesnt matter if you switch to eu store cause it downloads automatic from us store in us format.

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    razgrizace Guest
    All DLC is region locked... if you're game is UK and the DLC is anything else, it wont work at all... you need to download the UK version of the DLC for it to work properly.

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    steelwork Guest
    I am having simmilar issues. I have recently purchased guitar hero: metallica from hong kong and its region 1. Im currently living in australia so im natrually using the australian PSN as the default. When i play the game everything works fine, except multiplayer isnt working. It says its looking for games to join, but never finds any. Ive tried signing into different PSN accounts (aus, USA and hong kong) but i havent had any luck on any of them.

    Does anyone know the solution to my problem? Or is there any way to change the region of the game?


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    oussan Guest

    Lightbulb Create Foreign PSN Accounts

    Follow the directions below:

    1. First create a new user for your PS3.

    2. Sign Up for the Playstation Network.

    3. Select Hong Kong as your Country/Region. (You can select ANY region as long as you can provide a real address.)

    4. Make sure your language is set to English.

    5. Select Master Account.

    6. Create an e-mail account for your new PSN ID. If you have another e-mail address you can use just use it.. a friends, a parents, or a girlfriends etc. Otherwise visit any of the free e-mail Web sites below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Once you've created an account simply use the e-mail address in your registration.

    7. Create an online ID.

    8. Enter a name, it's up to you how to play this one.

    9. Next you'll need to provide a valid address for the region. Lets say you pick Hong Kong as my new homeland, pick any of the restaurants names. Once you do this you'll have a valid address for your new account so enter it!

    That's it, congratulations you've now successfully created a foreign region PSN account for your PS3! Enjoy the spoils!


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    ST0RM53 Guest
    The expansion packs of different zones will work. No problem. Tested. Btw my credit card works in US PSN but not on uk (i live in europe).. weird

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    idone Guest
    The problem with downloading add-ons and other DLC for games is not necessarily that the data itself is incompatible, the problem is different regions use different title id's, so if you have a jap game and download a us addon for that game it goes to a folder on the hdd with a different title id.....so you game doesnt even see it because it's looking for a different folder...

    So as was stated above, always make sure to download content from the same region as the game you have or you will end up wasting your time/money.

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    cp25stack Guest
    As idone said: Today's games are required to download DLC from the same region. There was launch games like Ridge Racer 7 or Ninja Gaiden Sigma, where DLC were the same in every region.

    Some of the recently game such as street fighter 4 can share the DLC between the regeion too.

    EX. use disc from zone US with the DLC that buy form HK psn. I believe it depend on the game company to decide to allow that or not. How ever for make sure that your DLC will able to use, buy it from the same region as your disc.

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