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    Ihatecompvir Guest

    Guide: PS3 RAF File Mods - Bring on the Custom PS3 Boot Logos!

    I just figured out how to create a custom PS3 boot logo for those interested by simply modifying a PlayStation 3 RAF file. Here is a sample. Replace coldboot.raf in flash with this one (or use the CFW Loader or whatever) and reboot PS3 and see your new Bootlogo!

    Download: Coldboot.raf PS3 File (Sample)

    Apparently this DOESN'T work for HD people yet. I don't know what happens on an HD screen, I replaced the HD file with LOL but I don't know if it will work. I'm writing a full tutorial on this, so expect it soon.

    Edit: My guide is now posted below! Here's basically how I did it:

    Used SimplyZip (http://www.paehl.de/english.php) to decompress the RAF starting at the Zlib header (78DA) to the end of the file.

    Now that you have the RAF file decompressed, it's basically a P3T (yes, Sony are that lazy) After this, you just need to run it through P3T Decompiler or whatever because you can't actually get the source files for the logo (no converter will convert them properly and I can't manually get them to show) you need to create a DDS File with these sizes:
    • Any gtf with _sd in the name - Standard Definition - 240 x 120
    • Any gtf without _sd in the name - High Definition - 700 x 350

    The file sizes:
    • HD Files - 486,656 Bytes
    • SD Files - 57,088 Bytes

    After making a DDS you feel is appropriate, you need to get it into the GTF format. There is a gtf/dds tool in the PS3 SDK that does this but I am not allowed to share it because I believe it is illegal. If this gets popular, a tool will almost certainly be written which will not be illegal.

    After having your gtf, you'll need to create a file with the appropriate size as shown above. Go into the gtf in a hex editor and copy it. Go into the file with the size you just made and paste-write it into the file (some hex editors dont support this, its basically pasting but overwriting)

    Save it. Most of your work is done. Now you must take the original gtf, copy it all in hex, then search for it in the raf. When it finds the match, just go to the beginning of the match, and paste-write. It should completely overwrite the gtf and the thing you should then see is the beginning of the next gtf. You've now written a new file into the raf.

    From here, you just compress the raf with SimplyZip, then take the compressed file simplyzip gives you and insert it into the original raf. Most likely, the raf will have gained in size. This is 100% normal, as the original Sony files didn't have much in them due to the fact that is mostly empty files with a PS logo in one solid color.

    Sorry if no one understood this tutorial, I wrote it in a hurry lol.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    chomps268 Guest
    Great job dude! I'll try it out later on today, thanks for the great find


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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    Gliitch has now confirmed this works, and I think he flashed it.

    Don't use this on HDTVs people, it will mess up the original boot logo because of the way I used transparency to attempt to write lol. It won't affect use of the PS3 in any way, just the boot logo won't look correct.

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    FMAranda Guest
    But will you release a fixed coldboot for HD or no? Can someone upload a video? Thanks.

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    I can quickly fix the coldboot to be HD, it isn't too difficult.

    But I must sleep, I haven't slept in over 24 hours.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Good, thanks Ihatecompvir.

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    BwE Guest
    I'd love a tutorial

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    IM0001 Guest
    New as a member but I have been browsing for a while and not to nock this thread completely off topic, but, is there any similar ability to restore the old "Playstation 3" splash screen we had before the 3.00 updates?

    Searching around for it and haven't seen anything related to it. (Maybe my forum search skills are really in need of a tuneup).

    It may not be all too important but I feel it was a nifty touch that made the PS3 unique. (or at least the Fat ones vs the new PS3 Slim which seam to have lost all full "Platstation 3" brand naming in a way.

    Still have a lot to catch up on in the whole hacking scene. I can't debug/hack for the life of me, but I tend to pick up the know how from what others create and make it do some crazy stuff.

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    FMAranda Guest
    That's what i want too, but are you saying the "Sony Computer Entertaiment" on boot up or that "PlaySation 3" logo before start a game?

    Anyways, i really want both back, lol.

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    IM0001 Guest
    I completely forgot the first Boot one, but I was referring to the "Playstation 3" Logo before the start of a game.

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