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  1. #11
    FMAranda Guest
    That would be very good, if possible.

    BTW, i tested this coldboot.raf and it is working. I switched to AV Composite and i could see the logo.

  2. #12
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Some information on how this was accomplished would be nice. Don't be greedy!

  3. #13
    FMAranda Guest
    He said he will make a tutorial.

  4. #14
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I'm impatient i guess. Just a little hint is all i need to get me started working with these.

  5. #15
    Ihatecompvir Guest


    Here's basically how I did it, now added to the first post: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post348468

  6. #16
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Awesome, thanks for the information. I have used the gtf/dds tool in the SDK to edit game textures & loading screens. Mafia 2 has .dds files that are editable as well as other games.

    Ihatecompvir you might want to check out DXTbmp. It can load .dds files & save them as well. I used it to edit loading screens for Mafia 2 & Frogger Returns.

  7. #17
    tonybologna Guest
    Please get this fixed for us HDTV users. Thanks for your work!

  8. #18
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Ok, i'm a bit confused. how exactly did you get it to start at the zlib header?

    Edit: Nevermind, just delete the raf header. LoL DUH!

    What dds compression did you use? i think there is like 10 different dds compressions.

  9. #19
    FMAranda Guest
    Good, but it's so difficult for me, lol. You guys are genius.

  10. #20
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Ihatecompvir i have managed to get a bmp with the logo extracted from the gtf.

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