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    Nov 2009
    This is a great find. Looks like I'll be editing a heap of SFO's when I get my dongle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tretle View Post
    The psp port of psgroove can't come any sooner now lol, It makes you wonder why Sony didn't just make it universal themselves if its that easy.
    LOL, the funniest part to me, is that it's not that easy. (Modifying the PSP to do PSGroove, nor testing PS Remote Play per title.)

    Awesome job BTW.

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    Won't these make the backups "modded" as its no longer an original rip? Seems easy to detect (like on XBL).

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    Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
    Won't these make the backups "modded" as its no longer an original rip? Seems easy to detect (like on XBL).
    That's right! I completely forgot that this needs PSN to work doesn't it?

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    WOW! More excellent news! And Killzone 2 is my favorite game ever! Can't wait to play this on my PSP. Sony should have enabled that option anyway. Stupid move to disable this amazing feature.

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    This is awesome news, but I don't think this is 100% compatible with all games.

    So far, I've tried this with Little Big Planet and couldn't get it to work with remote play, but I was able to get the backup manager to work with this method That alone will come in handy if a lot of games can be made remote play compatible.

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    All we now is a version of backup manager to modify options like this we find on the fly :-)

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    Has anyone started a list of titles that can be remote play enabled? It would save some time for those that are going to be late to the party.

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    every game i've tried so far always comes up as corrupted data and it cant boot. yes i did follow the instructions step by step and double checked just to make sure i didnt miss anything. anyone know why?

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    This is the 2nd best thing i've seen after i saw the PS3 had been exploited. I'm going to use my PSP more than ever

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