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    videogamer21 Guest
    I have done everything correctly 3 times over. And yet, I still keep getting stuck at the verifying purchased content. I am using a wireless connection.

    I put homeps3.svo.online.scee.com and i've tried using "scea" because i live in the united states and i put my ip address in SimpleDNS. I put my IP in the DNS manually on my ps3 under network settings and the only way to get a connection is for me to put my gateway in the secondary dns.

    i've put my psn in the fileservice xml, changed one of them to inventory-my psn and then the other 1 jus' added my psn, but then i tried to remove the second xml that still didn't work. i put my ip address in the start file where it said but in none of the files does it say "insert ip address here" or anything to that affect.

    i did put my psn in the two places in the hdi jps2 file and removed the extra strings to say...filename=inventory-my psn...my ip address...fileservices/inventory-my psn.xml and for the second hdmi file i only put my psn, tried removin' it from the folder, tried puttin' my psn and my ip address. but nothin' seems to work. and yes i put the two files in the apache folder, the mime and something else BEFORE i started Apache. and nothing is workin'. Is this patched or somethin'?

    and now it stops at the initialization after i tried it the third time, but i don't mind workin' through it again to eliminate that because at first i was only gettin' stuck at verifying purchased content.

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    EmporioElektro Guest


    Anyone manage to force verify items like the blue tooth head set?

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    videogamer21 Guest
    nevermind, scratch my question. i've gotten it to work LOL.. but where do I find the code for a pair of shoes (that i've seen on Home numerous times) that are pink, white, and blue (almost cotton candy lookin' and i think only for females)? also, where do i find a list of codes dedicated to mainly females, because it seems 90% of item codes on this site are for males?

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    linus00 Guest
    I'm searching for the codes for the free items of the Irem jap beach (rings and shoes) and for the diamond watch from poker...

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    JackingOn Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Quote Originally Posted by linus00 View Post
    I'm searching for the codes for the free items of the Irem jap beach (rings and shoes) and for the diamond watch from poker...
    Here is a couple

    Male Diamond Bracelet
    Looks just like the silver so its either one of the above

    Male Irem Beach Shoes

    Female Irem Beach shoes

    Male Irem Beach Ring

    Female Irem Beach Ring

    Furniture - Irem Beach empty treasure Chest

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    linus00 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JackingOn View Post
    Here is a couple
    Thank you

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    XxGenocidexX Guest
    i think i got everything right.. i did everything and was getting that start error as well. i fixed the start problem. i got logged in and now i dont know how to get the items. like with the codes. can anybody help me?

    ok now im getting the

    Connection error


    Somebody Help Me?

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    thegame59 Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If you do not know how to add in new items, here's how:

    Navigate to (in the File Pack):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ...and open up the file called (which should have your PSN ID by the way):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ...then add in a new section of HTML which looks like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ...simply plug in one of the IDs from the list below into the above tags, and then insert that line into the list of IDs in BOTH of the files in the:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ...directory of the file pack. Don't forget to copy these files over and then overwrite the existing ones in the Apache directory:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ...and then restart the Apache server to let it load the changes (restart Home aswell).

    To pick up your own unique item IDs, all you have to do is run WireShark and it will pick up every ID of the person in the space you are currently in. If there is a moderator or guide in the space you are in (for example) you'll pick up the ID of those clothes. You can pick up literally any object, even objects from stores and exclusive events.

  9. #119
    TheCrazyGuy Guest


    I heard there are coca cola outfits in Japan. Is this true, and does anyone know the codes for?

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    linus00 Guest
    Can someone tell me how to do the hair mod glitch?

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