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Thread: Guide: How to Run PS3 Games with 4+GB Files from External HDD

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    Senaxx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fwydu View Post
    edit: spoke too soon, i got an error for a filename being to long when extracting a PSARC from Killzone 2
    was your filename to long? or your total path to long? I could happen when you're working @ your desktop instead @ C:\

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    ChugIt Guest

    Thumbs Up 4GB+ Files on external accomplished

    I have successfully achieved a way to have large files on the external, and it was quite simple honestly.

    I only tested this on a 160GB drive, but I assume it works on any drive.
    This is what I did....

    1. Took a 160GB hdd and hooked it up internally.
    2. Allowed the PS3 to install it's proprietary files, format, fix file system.
    3. Booted to hack, filled up the hdd with games.
    4. Put the drive in an external case and hooked it up via USB.
    5. It works.

    I did this 2 days ago and looked around to see if anyone else already did this. I found nothing.

    NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0 used with this method is great. It isn't hard to figure out what else to do. Naysayers will want proof, I'm not looking for recognition. I am just sharing what I discovered. I was curious, tried it and it works.

    I do have a question though.... How hard would it be to make a homebrew app that would install the PS3's file system on an external without having to go through this process?

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    scousetomo Guest
    The ps3 doesn't format so its recognised in windows so as far as i know for it to show up it would need to be fat 32 for the ps3 to see the games after putting them on the hard drive in windows.

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    ChugIt Guest
    I FTP'd the games to the hdd while it was hooked up internally.

    Sorry for the double post, but yes the PS3 does format. If you hold down the power button until it beeps then shuts off, then do it again.... a menu pops up with options to format, fix file system and other things.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I'm sure that someone else will try that as well and either confirm or deny if it works and - it was already suggested around here and in the +4GB file on external hard drive news thread to do so and I must confess that I've already dismissed that as not possible. I'll stay behind my opinion for now but I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    it was already suggested around here and in the +4GB file on external hard drive news thread
    I have now merged his thread here and +Rep to ChugIt.

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    alexg13 Guest
    Okay I've got killzone 2 to work with this now. Here's a screenshot of the directory USDIR.

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    grupocordao Guest
    I made the first tutorial and it works, Uncharted 2 runs from HD.

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    bogchop Guest
    Will we ever see NTFS / HFS+ support in the near future, and avoid playing with files? I'm hopeful

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    Ecniv Guest
    Well in just a few days I went from n00b to semi amateur thx to guys like you

    So keep up the good work!!

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