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Thread: Guide: How to Run PS3 Games with 4+GB Files from External HDD

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    darkfortedx Guest
    if i format my external HD to FAT only would 4gb+ work?

    if not then if i partition my HD 32gb each then format to FAT32 would it loads 4gb + games?

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Well - as you've said already - this will not help with large video files. The only workaround at the moment would be either to replace the video file with another smaller one or have some re-encoding / resampling utility to squeeze the size below 4 GB. The question is still though how exactly the code used to playback the video later on withing the game itself works and if it's not dependant on the absolute addressing of the file.
    I'd be curious to see if it's possible to swap the videos from the 360 version of FFXIII to the PS3 version. Of course that would require the PS3 to have the right codecs and use the same file formats.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevil View Post
    Interesting discovery and will hopefull raise game compatability.

    A bit off topic: Has anyone tried the opposite? Aka compressing files back to archive. If the games are clever enough to find uncompressed files instead of compressed .. then the opposite might also work.

    - games takes less space.
    - a LOT faster to copy backups (both for ftp and manual copy the advantage of copying 1 large file instead of a 1000 smaller ones is a huge timesaver .. and with some of these large games we are talking about hours worth of tranfer).

    - obviously the initial compress takes time.
    - game play/loading slowdown.

    Just a silly idea
    Another possibility might be if the PSARC format supported file splitting, or if it auto-searched all archives for the files it needed, then creating your own <4GB archives definitely would be useful.

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    magicboy80 Guest
    don't work, to much fluffing around after so many hours bad result. i tried doing uncharted 2, the program crashed with some problem, than i did it again extracted put the file where had to be and deleted the one over 4gb. game loaded it start i climb the frigging train as the train about to fall there no mountain to jump on to, so my man drake keeps dieing and theres nothing he can do he just keeps dying because there's no platform to jump to lol!

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    scousetomo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oust62139 View Post
    Doesn't work for Resistance: Fall of Man. Extracted game.psarc file (~6GB), extracted as "game" folder with ~11GB's of files. Crashes PS3 after XMB.

    Still, this is a good idea for games that will work.
    it worked for me did you place all the files that were in it instead of the complete file in were you deleted the main psarc file as i tryd it that way and got the same result so i just dragged all the internal ones into there.

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    Indio Guest
    Hi, someone tried with red dead redemption?

    When i extract with the program, i must copy the folder or the inside of the folder?


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    scousetomo Guest
    red dead needs to go on your internal i'm ftp mine over to ps3 now, but it only takes a hour.. also indio just the inside of it mate just put the four files or watever into the file and delete the original thing.

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    kettenschutz Guest
    uncharted 2 is working fine, here.

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    Indio Guest
    k, thanks but you or someone have ever tried to transfer the game extracted that don't work in the internal HD to see if it work?

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    fwydu Guest
    the GUI v0.2 would not extract at all, but the CMD version worked flawlessly!

    edit: spoke too soon, i got an error for a filename being to long when extracting a PSARC from Killzone 2

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    daniel3006 Guest


    I heard that some have problems launching the games after they extracted those files? can someone confirm this?

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