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    TeamKidneyBean Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shabang22 View Post
    Fantastic job. However, you've made it so that the program only recognises '.parc' files, not '.psarc' files.

    Simple coding typo, looking forward to seeing it fixed in the next revision.
    How embarrassing lol here's an updated version, hopefully it should work

    Check out version 0.2 - I've fixed this issue

  2. #42
    Shabang22 Guest
    Ahhhh much better, thanks very much, all is working as it should now.

    Fantastic job, thanks for the quick update!

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    TeamKidneyBean Guest
    No problem, nothing a quick replace wouldn't solve

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ahasverus View Post
    Will this be useful in Final Fantasy 13 ? I guess not because the +4GB file in ff13 is a video.

    Somebody with this game can confirm ?
    Well - as you've said already - this will not help with large video files. The only workaround at the moment would be either to replace the video file with another smaller one or have some re-encoding / resampling utility to squeeze the size below 4 GB. The question is still though how exactly the code used to playback the video later on withing the game itself works and if it's not dependant on the absolute addressing of the file.

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    drnishee Guest
    yes this tool did not work for killzone 2 and gives a error (out of size array and something like that) i think its hardcoded for a fix size limit and on the other hand if someone can make it to extract and place the folders by itself then its a good work done and a way around 4gb+ fat32 limit.

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    luker Guest
    It still does not work with MotorStorm 2

  7. #47
    tjay17 Guest
    God of war collection works what you do is replace the psarc file with the folders that were in it.

  8. #48
    myakove Guest
    I'm getting error:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Windows 7 X64 run CMD as Administrator

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    dante wesley Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    This is just bug in FTP software showing the incorrect file sizes for larger files
    Thanks I thought that might be the problem..

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    TheDevil Guest
    Interesting discovery and will hopefull raise game compatability.

    A bit off topic: Has anyone tried the opposite? Aka compressing files back to archive. If the games are clever enough to find uncompressed files instead of compressed .. then the opposite might also work.

    - games takes less space.
    - a LOT faster to copy backups (both for ftp and manual copy the advantage of copying 1 large file instead of a 1000 smaller ones is a huge timesaver .. and with some of these large games we are talking about hours worth of tranfer).

    - obviously the initial compress takes time.
    - game play/loading slowdown.

    Just a silly idea

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