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Thread: Guide: How to Play Online Using a JailBroken PS3 with XLink Kai

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    trashchris Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowacexr View Post
    They can't add support that is not there. I have known many of the guys on the Kai team for years. It is a "tunnel" that emulates LAN gaming. So if the game has a system link option it should work fine over Kai. If there is no system link option, it will never work on Kai...
    spot on, i used kai for years under xbox, xbox 360 n some ps stuff. its a great tool once setup, only downside is it can only play games with system link options as mentioned above and unlike the psn there isn't always people online every hour of the day playing the same game as you. prob best for guys on here meeting up or playing with your m8s.

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    Kuresu Guest


    Does anyone know if White Knight Chronicles and Lost Planet 2 would work on xlink?

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    shadowacexr Guest
    Load up the games, go to multiplayer. If you see a system link option then you are good to go. frankly you don't even have to be in the correct room or arena. If you and another user want to meet up to play a link game they have not listed (I doubt much of that happens outside of brand new titles), just meet in the lobby of your choice and both load the game.

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    Whateverwhateve Guest
    When I first read the topic title I got excited, then I noticed it mentioned XLink and instantly got disappointed, its just another method to plan LAN games over WAN.

    I thought we had PSN access working again.

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    Kiriller Guest
    Can anyone anwser, why would someone use xlink when they can just play online with jb ps3? or am i wrong...?

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    shadowacexr Guest
    Because you can't play on PSN with JB at this point...

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    probumba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowacexr View Post
    Because you can't play on PSN with JB at this point...
    why can't we access psn now?

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    hunterrr Guest
    We need to all pick a game then everyone group up in it =D

    Usually they support up to 18+ players

    Hopefully Dead Rising 2 supports it :$

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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by probumba View Post
    why can't we access psn now?
    Are you seriosuly asking this? Just try to login to psn.

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    RandomAlias Guest
    I appreciate seeing a more detailed explaination in this thread... but seeing the same games copy pasted from thread from 2-3 weeks ago is disapointing.

    The previous thread said more games to come I was under the impression they were going to update the list as the guy made mention of the titles listed so far just being found from a google search... but nothing really became of it.

    I remember asking about killzone 2 and sports games (fifa, madden, ncaa football etc) on the previous thread without a reply as well...

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